Day 332 - Lorraine

Day 332 - Lorraine (4th person I approached)
November 28, 2014 - Lorraine was having a snack, looking at her phone when I approached her. I asked if she would chat with me. Lorraine told me that she was waiting to meet her sister, and that she could give me five minutes.


“I was born in Calgary (Alberta),” she said.

“I have the one sister, who I’m close with. There’s only one year between us.” In school, Lorraine got involved with music, playing the flute.

“I liked the sound it made, and I wanted to be in the school band. I started that in junior high-school,” she told me.

“I did well in school.” I sensed that Lorraine was being modest, and said so. She smiled.


After graduating high-school, Lorraine went to the University of Calgary (U of C).

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I first went to university. After two years of general studies, and looking into different subjects and areas, I went into nursing. I always knew that I wanted to do something that involved helping others. Once I was in the nursing program, I knew it was the right place for me,” Lorraine said. She spent six years in university to get her Bachelor of Nursing degree.


Throughout all of her schooling, up until the age of twenty-two, Lorraine lived at home with her parents. She had lived in the same house all her life to that point.

“My parents still live in that same house,” she said. We talked a little bit about how unusual that is in today’s culture.

“I think it helped to give me a solid foundation,” she said.


For the next ten years, Lorraine worked as a nurse.

“I worked in a number of different settings and moved into different wards and practises. I followed my boyfriend out here to Vancouver,” she told me. Her boyfriend was working in the film industry, so the move to the west coast was a good choice for him.

“I went back to university and got my Master’s degree. If you want to move into nursing management, you really need to have that Master's degree,” she said. Lorraine studied at the University of British Columbia (UBC).


She now works in a leadership role, working at a number of different facilities. Lorraine helps nurses achieve their goals, and provide excellent healthcare through professional nursing practice. (A commitment to compassion, caring and strong ethical values; continuous development of self and others; accountability and responsibility for insightful practice; demonstrating a spirit of collaboration and flexibility.)


Lorraine and her husband, the boyfriend she followed out to the coast, have been married for six years.

“We’ve been together for twenty years,” she said. 


Our time had come to an end, and I couldn’t help but reflect on that solid foundation that her parents had set for Lorraine and her sister. Lorraine and her husband also have two daughters. #notastranger