November 06, 2015 - after Interesting Vancouver

I was privileged to participate in last night's Interesting Vancouver event at SFU Woodwards. It was such a wonderful community of people of who came to share, engage and listen to each other. 

Storytellers and guests alike, all so willingly connected, and engaged in the experience of sharing. With all that incredible energy in the room, from all corners, and everyone being so very present, I grew three inches, at least! 

I am aware more and more each day, of my need to get back to doing what got me to this point right here, right now. Asking strangers to connect, listen, and share. I am so inspired by the willing hearts that presented themselves so open, willing and vulnerable. 

I took this photo from the stage just after our intermission, and I asked the participants to take selfies of themselves with someone they didn't know. Everyone dove right in, and the sound of excited conversation was intoxicating!

I am filled with so much love for the memories created last night, that will, without doubt, last my lifetime. Enriched, humbled and definitely inspired. 

Thank you to every single person involved. Yes, that means you! ‪#‎notastranger‬ ‪#‎IV15‬