Day 65 - Charlotte

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Day 65 - Charlotte (1st person I approached)
March 06, 2014 - Charlotte was sitting by herself in a downtown shopping mall when I approached her. She was reading Tina Fey’s book ‘Bossypants’. I had to ask what she thought of while she was reading it. Charlotte smiled and told me,

“I hadn’t watched 30 Rock (a weekly comedy television show starring Tina Fey) when it was originally on, but I recently got into that show, and I definitely hear her voice throughout while I’m reading it!”

Charlotte was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has one brother, named Keith who is three years younger than her.

“We’re closer now that we’re adults,” Charlotte said.

“As kids we weren’t really that close, He was only three years younger, but maybe it was because there wasn’t more distance between our ages. It's easier as adults to find more things in common than when we were growing up.” 

Charlotte went to one elementary school, one junior high and then one high school. I asked what it is like having people in her life that she has known since kindergarten. Charlotte pondered this. 

“I guess you take it for granted really. I mean I see people around town that I’ve know all my life, but most of the friends I have now are from my college years. Yeah, I see people around that I’ve always known, but I’ve never really thought about it like that.”


Charlotte studied Tourism & Hospitality at Nova Scotia Community College, a two year diploma program.

“I definitely went to college thinking that I wanted to work in a hotel, that much I knew. The experience in college was a really good one. It was great school and I really enjoyed the program as well,” said Charlotte.

While in college, Charlotte did a practicum in a hotel that is part of a large, international hotel chain.

“They had just taken over a hotel and rebranded and renovated. It had just opened. I worked in the front office, and I really enjoyed the experience,” she said.

After graduating, Charlotte sorted working at that same hotel, taking a job in the parking garage.

“It was a matter of wanting to get in with that company, and I was willing to do what I had to, in order to get my foot in the door. I’ve been with them ever since, and I’ve worked in a number of different areas, from parking garage, to switchboard, front desk, office work. Now I work in the events side of the hotel. Overseeing the arrangements for banquets and events. I love what I do!” said Charlotte.

We spoke about the satisfaction of working through various departments and acquiring skills and knowledge to have a better understanding of how things function. 


Charlotte is currently single.

“I was in a relationship until recently. We dated for five years, so yeah it’s, well… I’m doing what I need to do, taking some time and doing things for me. He’s a really great guy, and we still get along. We work together so we have to get along. But he is a really nice guy, regardless. I’m just doing my own thing, for now,” she told me.

When I first asked Charlotte if she’d speak with me, she said yes, and told me that she did have plans to meet a friend, but that she had about ten minutes to talk. Charlotte is here in vancouver visiting a good friend. She said

“I haven’t had anytime off for a while, and there was a really good deal on the flight. And I just wanted to take a break and get away.” 

The entire time Charlotte and I spent talking, there was a mouse running around, going in and out of some heating vents just a few feet away from us. We spoke about getting freaked out if a mouse get too close, and laughed at the creepy thought of it getting inside Charlotte’s umbrella that was at our feet. I definitely don’t like to be surprised by small fury rodents, so I was keeping a close eye on this little guy. I told Charlotte how terrible it was that she would have this memory of a large shopping centre in downtown Vancouver that was over-run with mice. As I said that, I saw what I’m pretty sure was a second mouse, based on where it was coming from. I pointed it out to Charlotte saying

“Great, there’s two now. You’re really not going to think so highly of this mall after tonight," I said jokingly. 

Charlotte looked over towards the second mouse and then back at me and said,

“In my mind, it’s the same mouse. There is only one, and I know where it is.” #notastranger