Day 61 - Lilli

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Day 61 - Lilli (1st person I approached)

March 02, 2014 - On a dreary, dark, typically wet Vancouver night, it seemed both ironic and fitting that I’d meet someone who was from Australia. Lilli told me that she didn’t have much time, but that if it didn’t take long, she’d be happy to chat.


Lilli was born and raised on the east coast of Australia. She is the oldest of five children, each born two years apart. Lilli completed high school and afterwards went to college for one year studying nursing. During this time, she did a number of jobs, mostly centred around health care. I mentioned that it seemed that she was born to be a caregiver, to which Lilli replied,

“Yes, unfortunately.”

When I asked why she considered it to be unfortunate, Lilli said,

“It’s such a sad job.”

We both agreed however, that it at least afforded an opportunity to help others to feel better, because of the care she was providing. 


Lilli has been married for two years. Her and husband met before she completed high school. They met while working together, and dated for about three years before marrying. Lilli enjoys some sports, namely hockey and soccer, but she added

“only as an observer, I’m just into watching. I don’t actually play any sports.”

Lilli is no longer working in health care, and currently works in a children’s toy store. 


It seems that the decision to relocate to Vancouver was a simple and easy choice for Lilli and her husband. She tells me the conversation went something like,

“What do you think about moving to Canada. Sounds like a great idea. Yeah, let’s do it.”

And so they did. They chose Vancouver because they had heard good things about they city from friends, though neither of them had personally been to Canada before. When I asked Lilli why they wanted to move to begin with, she said, as a matter of fact,

“Because it’s not as hot as Australia, and Vancouver is not as cold as the rest of the country!” #notastranger