Day 70 - Emmett

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Day 70 - Emmett (1st person I approached)

March 11, 2014 - Emmett was born and raised in Kildare, Ireland. He has an older brother, and a younger sister, both of whom are still in Ireland. Emmett has always had a thing for numbers, and enjoyed math in school.

“It just came naturally to be. I wasn’t really big on studying, but I did enjoy numbers,” he says.

While growing up, Emmett played football (soccer), basketball and gaelic rugby. When I said that I was sure there wasn’t a lot of people playing basketball in Ireland, Emmett agreed, saying 

“It made it easier to get in to play though.”


After completing secondary/high school, Emmett moved to Dublin and attended University College of Dublin (UCD). He studied to become a chartered accountant. Upon graduation and completion of his apprenticeship, Emmett got his certification in accountancy. He had a group of friends that had moved to Canada, and he decided to move to Vancouver for a year.

“I came over in 2010. I got a job and really intended to only stay for a year, but I like the city and decided to stay. I qualify for residency later this year. I’m also hoping to travel for a bit as well. I want to take a trip to South America for about three months. We’ll see what happens,” Emmett tells me.


He has been dating a young woman for about three years,

“That’s another reason for staying in Vancouver,” Emmett tells me. “She’s in University just now, but also wants to travel, so I’m waiting to see what happens.” 


Emmett works as an accountant for two non-profit agencies here in Vancouver.

“One job is with an agency that deals with homelessness and finding shelter, SRO’s (single room occupancy buildings), and accommodations. The other job is with an organization that helps troubled youth, teaching them life-skills and how to prepare for seeking a job. I’m not involved with the teaching or support, but it feels good to know I’m part of something that is making a difference.”


When I first approached Emmett, he was scratching a scratch-and-win lottery ticket. I asked if he had won anything, and he started by telling me,

“A bird shit on my head today, so I thought I better buy a lottery ticket. The first ticket I bought, I won $20, so I went back and bought more. Better to reinvest the winnings. I also bought a regular lottery ticket as well. First time I’ve ever done that!”

I asked what the accountant in him thinks about buying lottery tickets, and he smiled and while scratching away, says

"A complete waste of money. But I also like to gamble.”

Emmett told me he will send me a message if he wins the lottery! #notastranger