Day 69 - Carrie

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Day 69 - Carrie (1st person I approached)

March 10, 2014 - Carrie is a born and raised Vancouverite. She was born at Vancouver General Hospital, and grew up in the North Delta and Burnaby areas. She attended two elementary schools, owing to her parents separating, and one junior high school, and one senior high school.

“I guess theoretically there are people that I’ve known for all my life, since elementary school, but I can’t say I ever run into anyone,” Carrie tells me when I ask about childhood friends.

Carrie has one older brother with whom she has a close relationship, and four step-siblings.


After high-school Carrie attended the University of British Columbia (UBC) taking an arts curriculum.

“My art teacher in high-school suggested that UBC would be the best place to go to school as it was a degree program, but it wasn’t the arts focus I wanted. I had thought to go to Emily Carr (College of Art and Design), but at that time they weren’t offering degree programs. At UBC I had limited classes that actually taught art, otherwise it was a typical Bachelor of Arts degree program, with English and other subjects. It really wasn’t what I wanted, and the campus was just so big and it wasn’t a very personal experience. I did that for a year,“ Carrie said.

She also alluded to the mindset of an 18 year old, that wasn’t prepared to take a program that didn’t offer what she was looking for, and knew that she wanted to be an artist.

“The art teacher had a background in teaching elementary school, and I think she thought that was the best route to go. That’s not what I wanted at all.” 


Carrie then went to Emily Carr, and stayed for three years, working mostly in drawing, using pen and ink.

“It was a four year program, but I really wanted to travel and explore, so I left school and went to Mexico. I went with my then boyfriend. We had planned the trip and before we left, we were going to break off the relationship, but we decided to go on the trip together. While in Mexico toward the end of our planned trip, we did end the relationship, and he suggested I stay in Mexico, which I did. I spent my time traveling by bus and exploring,” Carrie says, adding that she is still friends with that ex-boyfriend.


Carrie did end up back at Emily Carr, several years later, and completed her degree. She now teaches drawing at Emily Carr, and is a professional Artist.

“I have a studio and continue to show my work at the Trench Gallery in Gastown,” says Carrie. (*FACT CHECK: see link below).

Carrie is married now as well. Her husband provides audio description service for blind theatre-goers. He works with the producers and watches the production a few times to make notes and get a feel for the play. He then goes into the theatre before the performance begins and describes the set to the visually impaired patrons. During the performance, the patrons wear wireless listening devices and they hear information of what is happening onstage, between the dialogue. Until Carrie told me what he does for a living, I had never heard of it - and I found it fascinating. So, I’ve included a link (**FACT CHECK - see below) to an article about a local company doing just that. Amazing! 


While Carrie and I were talking, (far longer than the five minutes or so I said it might take), a friend of mine, Robyn passed by and I introduced her to Carrie. I told my friend what I was doing and that I had literally just met Carrie (we’ve not chatted for some time, owing to busy schedules etc.,) and my friend Robyn seemed surprised, She said, 

“Oh really? It seems like you two are the best of friends. You both seem so comfortable stood here chatting!” #notastranger

*Fact Check -

** Fact Check -