Day 51 - Sandi


Day 51 - Sandi (4th person I approached)

February 20, 2014 - Sandi was born in Akron, Ohio. “It’s Sandi with an ‘i’. Just an ‘i’ ,“ Sandi tells me. “There were three of us in elementary school, one was with a ‘y’, one was ‘ie’ and so I got ‘i’. And that’s how it is.” Sandi grew up in Akron, and studied sociology in college after school. “It’s what you did back then. You either studied sociology or you became a teacher. I did not want to be a teacher, so sociology was what I studied.” 

After college, Sandi went to Los Angeles, on vacation. “I was only supposed to stay for a few weeks but I liked it and it wasn’t Akron, so I stayed. I sent for my belongings and said goodbye.” When I asked how her family felt about her not returning, Sandi, who is the oldest of three children told me, “They didn’t mind. I don’t think they believed me. I think they thought I’d be moving back to Akron soon enough. But I didn’t. I liked LA. I met my husband, we got married three months later. He was a keeper, and I knew it.“ I remarked that Sandi seemed to like to do things fast, and that she was undoubtedly the trailblazer as the oldest sibling. “Yeah, I don’t like standing still.“

Sandi and her husband moved to Kansas soon after marrying, but only stayed there for a few years, before returning to LA. “I’ve lived there ever since. I spent some time working on a program called HeadStart, working with pre-schoolers. I had taken a course at Kent State University, in Ohio, after college. It’s a program for underprivileged children and families, making sure they got a healthy breakfast, and supporting the families to see that they were cared for. It felt good to do what I could to help, plus it was a way to meet other mothers.” I asked Sandi what else she did during her working career. “I raised two children, I spent some time caring for elderly people. I also worked on a few programs for geriatrics. I kept busy.”

Sandi and her husband, to whom she is still marred, have two children. “My daughter lives here in Vancouver, and she’s in Sochi (Russia) right now, working at the Olympics. She’s involved in the medal ceremonies. So I’m here babysitting. I have one grand daughter and she is absolutely  the best.” I ask how old she is and Sandi tells me, “She’s three, or three and tree quarters she would tell you. She’s wonderful. A true carbon copy of my daughter and I love her so much! It’s a lot of fun spending time with her!”

I asked Sandi what she did with her time, now that she is retired and when she’s not looking after her grandchild. “I do some volunteer work. I help out where I can. I spend my time leisurely, walking around. I also do nothing. And I’m very good at it. I enjoy myself.” #notastranger