Day 49 - Emerald

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Day 49 - Emerald (4th person I approached)

February 18, 2014 - Emerald is one of those seemingly rare people, who was born and raised in Vancouver. Her mother is English and French from Quebec, and her father is “French, French, French from France.” She has a half brother and a half sister, both of whom are much younger than she is. “We don’t live together, but when I do see them, it's so much fun. Even thought we don’t see each other every day, we are close, and I love them very much.”

Emerald went to french immersion schools in Vancouver, until when she was in Grade 10, when she decided to change schools. “I know that at that age, I wasn’t fully aware of what I wanted to do in my life, but I realized that I had gone to the same school, and had the same group of friends since childhood. I wanted to expand my world, and changing high-schools was one way to do that. It was also very handy, because when I changed schools, my new high school was directly across the street from my old school. I was still able to see all my friends, while making new friends in my new school.” Emerald is currently taking classes at an alternative Adult Education Centre, studying biology. “I’d like to be a botanist. I have an interest in cross pollinating plants, specifically fruits. I’d love to experiment with coming up with different species of fruit-bearing trees. I think it would be cool to have a science lab in my kitchen, where things grew and I could use them in my food preparation. Who knows?”

When I approached Emerald and asked her to chat with me, she was heading to the grocery store. “I’m going to buy some washing soda and xanthan gum, if they carry it.  I found a really good recipe on the internet. I want to make my own shampoo. I’m going to include camomile flowers and see if it will lighten my hair. It’s a lot cheaper than buying shampoo because I’ll make a big batch, and I can add different flowers to create different scents. It’s also good because I don’t have a lot of money, so making my own shampoo will be cheaper, and according to the recipe, it seems like I’ll have a lot of shampoo!”

In her spare time, Emerald likes to play the guitar. “I always seem to be really busy and don’t get enough time to play the guitar, but that’s my plan for this afternoon. I'm going to make some shampoo and play my guitar.” Emerald is also a volunteer at a community “Bike Kitchen.“ I had never heard that term before, and Emerald explained, “It’s where people gather, on Tuesday nights and we learn how to maintain and repair bicycles. It’s a good social thing. Plus I love the idea of being able to go on a long trip by bicycle, and if I know how to make repairs myself, it just seems to make more sense. It’s another thing that I do, having limited finances. I volunteer there and learn things as well as help others learn about bicycle repairs. It’s a community-building effort, and they serve pizza as well. It’s good if you’re hungry. But pizza is good anytime, even if you’re not hungry!” #notastranger