Day 47 - Ellen

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Day 47 - Ellen (1st person I approached)

February 16, 2014 - Ellen was born in Dalian, in Northern China. She grew up there, until attending University in Beijing, to study finance. In accordance with Chinese policy introduced in 1980, Ellen is an only child. We talked briefly about how the policy has changed recently, and she told me, “When a couple marries, if both spouses are only children themselves, then they have special policies enabling them to have two children. That way, there aren’t generations of single children families.”

During her first year in University, Ellen wanted to move to the United States, where she has relatives. “It’s difficult to get a visa to even study in the US, and I looked at other options, and Canada has a straight-forward visa policy, so I applied to move to Canada. I was able to transfer my University credits to the University of British Columbia (UBC) and I studied at the Sauder School of Business at UBC, finishing my degree there.” Ellen is now a very successful Financial Consultant. I asked her if she had made people a lot of money and she told me “I’ve helped people save a lot of money. I consult about life insurance and Registered Education Savings Plans.” Ellen tells me she is one of the top achievers in financial consulting in BC. 

I asked Ellen if she was in a relationship, and there was a hesitation, before telling me she was single. I asked her what the hesitation was, and she smiled and said, “I wrote a profile description for a friend for a dating website. She met a man through that site, and has been dating this person ever since meeting him. Sometimes it’s just fate, and things happen when they are meant to happen.” I took that to mean she is single, but perhaps exploring her options. 

Ellen has been in Vancouver for ten years now, and I asked her what she liked most about the city.”It would have to be the clean air. It’s so fresh, and while it’s getting better in China, it’s definitely not like it is here. I like to hike and go for walks on the seawall, or around Stanley Park, and the air just feels so good. It’s a beautiful city. I also really like the people. It seems easier to talk to people here, less formal. In China, there’s a lot of focus on business, and the conversations are often related to making money, or doing business. Here in Vancouver, it’s simpler. I can sit here and talk to you, a stranger and feel comfortable just talking about easy things.” When I asked if there was anything she didn’t like about Vancouver, “Well, I don’t often say how much I like living here while I’m here in the city. I travel a lot, and if I’m say, in Las Vegas, or Los Angeles, I realize just how much I do miss Vancouver. I only really notice when I’m not here, how much I like it. It’s like Vancouver creeps in, and you bond with the city.” #notastranger