Day 42 - Sean

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Day 42 - Sean (3rd person I approached)

February 11, 2014 - Sean is one of the rare, born and raised Vancouverites. He was born in East Vancouver, just off Main Street, and attended one elementary school, and one high school. “Except for the time I got kicked out of school. My friend and I would put together our own plan for the day. We’d go for a bike ride, then hit up the Museum of Anthropology. We wanted to learn, just not in the way it was being spoon-fed in school. I did an alternative, two year high school program that supported my interests in art and things. It was a better atmosphere. The teachers treated you like an adult, and were respectful and interested in what we had to say. It was really the best preparation for college I could imagine. Those were two of the best years of school I had.”

After completing high school, Sean enrolled at Langara, taking a course focussed on Peace and Conflict studies. “It was anything from you and I arguing over a point of view, right along to Global Nuclear meltdown wars. I’ve always had an interest in history. I went there, to Langara for two years.” Sean is currently looking for work.”I’ve done a number of things, construction, making stuff, building things. I’m in between jobs right now.”

When I approached Sean, who was clad in protective riding gear, he was jumping his bike down a set of stairs, while riding it, one step at a time. “This really is my thing right here. I just got my bike fixed and this is the first day in a while I’ve been able to get out and ‘play.’ I’ve done more road-style riding for a number of years, going as far as an average of 200 kilometres a day, but I really like the stunt-style riding as well. Riding the bike, while balancing and jumping down stairs, along wall edges. Doing stunts is fun.”

Sean has been married for coming up on eight years. “No, we don’t have kids,“ he tells me. “We don’t plan on having any either. My wife is six years older than me, and she already felt complete as a person before even marrying me. And I’m, to be truthful, too selfish to want kids. If we had kids, there’d be less toys for me, and less time for us. My relatives all have kids. That’s plenty for us.” #notastranger