Day 39 - Giulia

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Day 39 - Giulia (4th person I approached)

February 08, 2014 - Giulia was born and raised in Rome, Italy. She has one younger sister who works at a radio station in Rome. Last year, Giulia decided it was time to change things in her life. And so she moved to London, England. After one month, she decided to go back to Italy - London wasn’t the right fit. “Too many economic problems and issues, it wasn’t really for me,” she said. So then, while doing research about other cities to explore, Giulia saw an advertisement for Vancouver, and thought she’d give it a try. Originally she intended to stay for two months, but decided to extend that trip to three months, because she didn’t want to go back to Italy. Giulia did eventually have to go back, but only stayed in Italy for two months before coming back to Vancouver. “I love this city, it feels so good! It’s so beautiful, and Italy has so many problems that I don’t experience here in Vancouver.” She is currently enrolled in an English language school, with another four months to go, then will spend six months interning. Giulia isn’t sure yet exactly what she wants to do for her internship.

When I ask her, jokingly, what she wants to be when she grows up, she looks at me, smiles and says, “I’m already grown up! I’m 30 years old and was a lawyer in Italy.” I explain that for me (older than her 30 years of age), I’m still not sure if I’m a ‘grown up.’ She understands what I mean. “I realized about two years after getting my degree, and practising as a junior lawyer that I didn’t want to be a lawyer. In Italy it is all so corrupt, the legal system, and the politics and I just really didn’t want to be involved with that.” I ask her what it is she likes about Vancouver, and when Giulia tells me it’s the people, I ask her to explain a bit more. “The people here are so easy. People don’t care, don’t care about your exterior, the colour of your skin, what you wear, your sexuality, your religion. I feel free here. It’s wonderful. In Italy there is so much that is messed up. The economy. The Church telling people what they can or can’t wear, or religion taking charge, and politics. It’s a mess.” I ask if there is anything she doesn’t like about Vancouver, and she shakes her head and says “No.” When I asked her about men in Vancouver, she immediately shouts “THAT is a problem! Men here are so shy and afraid to approach women, or to talk. I don’t mind being the first to make a move, but that, that is a problem. I wish men were more outgoing!” 

Giulia intends to stay here in Vancouver as long as she can. “I arrived here with nothing, not knowing anyone and I like it here. The first time here I stayed with a host family, and now I live downtown with a friend. Maybe one day I’d like to do something with food. Open a restaurant. Something like a ‘Subway’, but with pasta. And good quality.” #notastranger