Day 36 - Jarin

36 Jarin.jpeg

Day 36 - Jarin (7th person I approached)

February 05, 2014 - Jarin and her dog were sitting outside, seemingly not bothered by how cold it was. Originally from Louisiana, Jarin moved to Vancouver with her finance, who is attending Simon Fraser University, studying mathematics. I asked about the origins of her name, “It’s like Karen with a J” and she told me “My brother made the name up. I have two older brothers, and they both have names starting with the letter J. My parents knew they wanted my name to start with a J as well, and my brother Josh came up with Jarin.”

We spoke about the cold day, and how beautiful Vancouver is, especially on clear sunny days. “It definitely doesn’t get cold like this in Louisiana, but I’ve lived in a number of cities in the U.S. including Vermont, which does get cold and snowy.” Jarin is currently working a couple of part-time jobs, and has applied to go to school next year, “It’s all theoretical at this point, I’m hoping to study Artistic Archiving. I have a theatre background, I studied theatre for my undergrad. In theatre, the story is so fleeting, it’s in the moment, and I want to find a better way to preserve that, to convey the story after it’s finished. Right now, theatre is only archived with a static camera in one position, and usually those shots aren’t very good either. I’m still waiting to hear about my application.”

With her fiancé at SFU, Jarin plans to make Vancouver home for the next few years at least. “I’m also planning our wedding. All of our friends and family are in Louisiana, so we’ll be getting married there, but will continue to live here in Vancouver for the foreseeable future. I like Vancouver, but it’s tough to find resources here, it’s expensive, and when you’re a student and working part-time, we’re still trying to figure things out.”

Jarin’s dog had been barking at me when I first approached Jarin and asked if she’d talk with me, and after a time the dog calmed down. I even managed to get a moment or two of petting the dog. “So, when you named your dog Sybil, were you aware of the Sybil complex?” I asked. (Sybil was a woman with 16 different personalities.) Without looking at me, and while trying to calm the dog down, Jarin replied “oh yes. I know all about that. She’s definitely got a bit of the Sybil complex in her.” #notastranger