Day 33 - Jessica

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Day 33 - Jessica (3rd person I approached)

February 02, 2014 - Originally from Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, Jessica has moved around a lot before arriving in Vancouver. Her father, who retired a couple of years ago, was in the airforce while Jessica was growing up. The family moved to various cities across Canada, and also spent some time living in Germany.

Jessica studied theatre design at the University of Regina, which is a four year program that she stretched out to five years. After graduation, Jessica worked on a number of shows at Regina's Globe Theatre. She had interned at The Globe while in University, and established a good working relationship, which continued after school. 

Just over a year ago, Jessica made her way to Vancouver. "I always knew I'd make it as far west as I could go." I then reminded her there was still Vancouver Island, which does have a thriving arts community. "Yeah that's true, and Victoria is beautiful as well! I wanted to try something else. Coming from a military family, I was used to moving around, and it felt strange to live in the same place for any length of time, so I headed to Vancouver, to try change things a bit."

Jessica was waiting for a bus, and I asked where she was going on this early Sunday morning. "I'm coming from New Westminster, and going to class," which surprised me. "Classes on Sunday?" I asked. "Yeah, it's a class designed to allow for people who work to attend class on the weekends. I'm taking graphic design, the program is one year long, and started last April, so it's getting toward the end. I'm doing a lot of work preparing for final projects." We spoke about why Jessica was switching fields, from theatre to graphics, and then talked about how one discipline could support the other. "I wanted to expand what I'm doing, and I've always had an interest in graphics, and I'm enjoying the program. And Vancouver, I love it here!" 

I asked if Jessica had any siblings, and she told me she had an older brother. I asked if they were close. "Oh yeah, we are. We're roommates actually. He came to Vancouver with me when I moved here. We left our parents behind, back in Regina. My brother just graduated from Vancouver Film School." I thought it was cool to have another creative person in the family, and thought with her brother's work in film, and Jessica's theatre design experience, and the graphics, they might possibly work together on some projects in the future. "You and your brother could be your own production company. He shoots the film, you design the sets and then do the graphics for the poster. A family business in the creative arts." "Yeah! I guess we could. You never know, right?" And then, with perfect timing, Jessica's bus arrived to take her to class. #notastranger