Day 31 - Patrick

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Day 31 - Patrick (1st person I approached)

January 31, 2014 - Patrick is originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. He lived in Halifax for a while before heading west to Vancouver. Patrick is the middle child of five, however that middle positioning is slightly out of balance, as he is a twin. When I asked if they were identical, he replied,

"We’re not identical, she’s a girl."

I was reminded that sometimes you need to be specific when asking people questions. 

Patrick made the move to Vancouver for school, and is taking classes at the University of British Columbia, having completed his undergrad in Linguistics. The next step is working towards his Masters in Speech Pathology. Patrick has always had an interest in Linguistics, and Speech Pathology seems like a natural next-step. Patrick see his education and hard work leading to career working with adults who may have had a stroke, or an accident, and that are learning to speak all over again. While he hopes to continue studying at UBC for his masters, the realities of a Masters program means he has to be willing to possibly relocate again. Patrick has applied to Dalhousie University in Halifax, and a couple of other universities, including in Alberta. A modest man, I had to push to get Patrick to tell me how he does in school with regard to his grades.

"Yeah, I do ok." Upon furthering probing, he tells me

"I'm generally an A student."

I wondered about the twin connection, and if there was any impact on their relationship by not being around his twin sister.

"No, I can't say it's had a noticeable impact really.

She just got back from being in Scotland for 2 years traveling. She went there just to explore, and work as a baker."

Patrick played the piano when he was younger but doesn't anymore. When I asked about any hobbies, or pastimes, he looked at me with surprise as if to say

“What are hobbies?"

"I spend most of my time working on school related things. In the little down time that I do have, I like to binge watch trash TV, and most nights I fall asleep in front of the television." 

We talked about how the transition from Nova Scotia to Vancouver felt, and if he found it difficult.

"There definitely was some cultural differences and shock when I first moved to Vancouver. The East Coast and West Coast are very different. But I've been here for four years now and it feels like home." #notastranger