Day 28 - Alison

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Day 28 - Alison (6th person I approached)

January 28, 2014 - After finishing University, with a degree in English Literature, Alison headed to England. “I love Wordsworth. I wanted to see the places where all these wonderful authors came from. It was the first time I had traveled without my family. My father is English and I wanted to see where he was from as well. My ticket was good for six months, and I came back home, and then went back to England again. I lived in Bath for two years.” Alison is the youngest of three children, and while in England, her sister got engaged. “I was missing my family, and missing out on things happening here, so I came home.” 

Settling back in Vancouver, Alison and her then boyfriend started a company together. “I looked after the HR, the administration, the office and the book-keeping. I did some writing as well. It was a good way to apply my English degree.” Some 13 years later, Alison and her partner decided to end their relationship, and with that, the partnership in their company. “It was a time of uncertainty. Looking for a job, where I’d go back to having a boss, after 13 years of being my own boss was difficult. I managed to get a contract working for a small group of realtors, and I realized that not only was I enjoying it, but I had acquired a lot of skills as an entrepreneur; that I was able to bring to that job. It was a contract, and I figured that maybe if I went freelance, and got some clients, I could do my own thing again.” Alison likes the flexibility of a freelance career, allowing her to spend quality time with her eight year-old son. We spoke about the reality that her ex-business and life partner would always be in her life, being the father of their child. “When you’ve spent so much time with someone and done so many things together, I think it’s really important to find a way to maintain communication, and not just shut things down. For our son and for us as well.”

For many years Alison has written poetry, and is self taught in guitar. Sometimes the poems become songs, and if they’re about someone she knows, “it becomes all the more special.” She also has had a longtime passion for soccer. “My brother played soccer and when I was about ten, my sister and I wanted to play as well. I’ve played pretty much since then.” She plays left midfield. “When I was in England I wasn’t on a team, but otherwise I’ve played since I was a child. I’ve been on the same local league team for the past ten years.” #notastranger