Day 27 - Margot

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Day 27 - Margot (2nd person I approached)

January 27, 2014 - Margot is from Ireland. She moved to London (“don’t you just love that city?!”) to attend college, renting a flat just behind The Royal Albert Hall (Queens Gate). “The area was filled with beautiful big houses, and ours was fairly lavish as well. I just thought that was how people lived in London. It was really expensive. Then one day a friend from college came over, and asked ‘do you have a trust fund?’ I knew that if I didn’t know what that meant, I likely didn’t have one!” She soon moved to Ladbroke Grove. “It was rough and tumble back in the 70’s. Drug dealers, poverty, a harder neighbourhood, but it was alive. Van Morrison lived next door (Margot then professes her love for Van Morrison). Marc Bolan of TRex (a childhood favourite of mine) lived down the street. It was wonderful. Of course, it’s all changed now. It’s a very expensive neighbourhood these days.”

“I came to Canada for the worst reason possible. If my daughter did what I did, I’d be furious. A man. That’s why I came to Canada. I feel in love and moved to Vancouver. We married and have two absolutely beautiful children, a son and a daughter.” Margot is retired now, but was a Marriage Commissioner, presiding over ceremonies. “I loved doing that. The people I met, the stories. Being a part of their special day. It wasn’t always good of course. Sometimes I wondered if it was a marriage for immigration, or occasionally I just felt it probably wasn’t a good match, but that wasn’t my job. I was there to marry people.”

Margot was on her way to Seattle for a few days, to visit a woman that she had married some years ago. “Her and her wife. I did a lot of same sex marriages, they were always my favourite. I told my son I wanted a relationship like these two woman had. He was shocked and asked if I was now gay! I meant that I loved the respect they had for each other, their relationship. They were together for eight years, and then married for eight years. We’ve remained friends, and sadly one of the women passed away last summer. I had to go to Ireland to be with my mother, so I’m now finally able to go spend some time with my friend who is now a widow.”

While in Ireland caring for her mother, Margot, who divorced her Canadian husband after some 30 years together, met an Irish man. “Even though I'm Irish, he was the first Irish man I ever dated. We’re married now, he’s here with me and we’re going through the process of getting his Canadian citizenship,” she says. ”I really like Vancouver, people are friendly, but it’s hard to actually get to know people beyond the hellos. Most of my women friends I met in my children’s playgrounds. They had a pram, I had a pram, or we had daft dogs and would talk. It’s not the same as Ireland. In Ireland, the kettle's always on.” #notastranger