Day 22 - Mark

22 Mark.jpeg

Day 22 - Mark (2nd person I approached)

January 22, 2014 - I met Mark waiting at a bus stop on Broadway. He was very friendly and willing to chat, while letting me know that he had to catch the next bus that came along. 

Mark and his wife of ten years had relocated to Vancouver from Victoria about two years ago. We chatted a bit about what we both knew of Victoria and the places that we both liked. Mark works in IT. He’s always been interested in tech, started out a young gamer, playing games and graduating to “geek” (his term, not mine) while still in Victoria. Mark started his tech career working for the Government. After sometime, and a change of organization’s, Mark was offered and opportunity to work from a new office his company was opening in Burnaby, so he and his wife made the move. There is a distinct difference in the pace between living in Victoria versus living and working in Vancouver or Burnaby. I asked Mark how he found the transition. “It is, for us, better here. I never thought I’d say this, but I look less forward to each time I go back to Victoria than I ever thought I would. I like the pace of Vancouver and the bigger city feel.”

Mark has two daughters, a 14yr old who lives in Victoria with her mother, and an 8 year here in Vancouver. I asked how it was having tow girls at that age. “They use to be closer, but there’s also of this (he bumps his fists together). The eight year-old wants to spend much of her time with her big sister, but at 14, you don’t really want your little sister hanging around with you and your friends all the time.” For a self-described tech ‘geek,’ I wondered what affect that had on how he influences his children. “I try to get them immersed in it, and to use technology to their advantage and it not be just about games, but it doesn’t always happen.” As for spare time, with two kids, his wife and a busy job, there’s not a much of it left. “I occasionally find time to play a few games. Dungeons and Dragons when I can” he says with a smile. The 99B bus arrived, ending our short, personal and cheery conversation. #notastranger