Day 21 - Marina

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Day 21 - Marina (1st person I approached)

January 21, 2014 - Marina was on her way to work, and fortunately we were heading in the same direction, and at an easy walking pace as well! She had worked for a couple of companies where she noticed there was a really good energy, the employees were engaged and passionate, and that piqued her interest in Human Relations management. Marina knew she wanted to be part of a team that helped foster a great working environment, for everyone. After studying HR and graduating from BCIT, Marina landed her current role in the HR department of a local company, and seven months later, is very happy with the choices she made to pursue HR. She also has a keen interest in wellness, and thinks that companies that invest time in their employees health and wellness, really does foster the best workplace environment (I was also able to tell her about some wellness podcasts I had heard about from Wynne the day before!).

An avid crossfit fan, Marina is getting back into a regular fitness routine after spending the holidays away from the gym and crossfit.  Born and raised in Vancouver, Marina grew up in Deep Cove, has a sister and four step-siblings, with a blended family that “gets along pretty well.” 

In her mid-twenties, Marina has already travelled to 18 countries. Her first trip was for about a month and she did a Contiki trip, a pre-arranged, destination-driven tour, with a group of about 25 others. I asked Marina who she had travelled with on that first trip and she told me “I went by myself. I wanted to travel and see places, and none of my friends did, so I thought the Contiki tour would be a great way to go.” I said I definitely thought that was a brave move for an 18 year old to make! While on that trip, she made friends with a few other travelers that she is still in contact with. 

On her most recent trip, her first with her live-in boyfriend of four and a half years, Marina went to Cambodia and Vietnam. Another brave move, traveling with someone in any circumstance adds elements that day-to-day living doesn’t. i wondered if it was a good experience, the first time traveling with the person she lives with. “Yeah it was, it was great, we got along really well, it was fun and traveling together wasn't stressful at all.” That's connection!  #notastranger