Day 20 - Wynne

20 Wynne.jpeg

Day 20 - Wynne (3rd person I approached)

January 20, 2014 - I had to move pretty fast to get myself in front of Wynne to talk to her. She was what I’d call ‘power-walking’ and I never want to sneak up on anyone, so I had to hustle to make the connection. When I asked if I could talk to her, she replied “Sure” but didn’t slow down. Not at all. Not for the remainder of the walk that took us to almost the same location downtown. Wynn walks with a determined gait and like me, determines the ultimate route based on the traffic lights, and instead of waiting for a ‘walk’ signal, will make a right turn and go down the block. Moving fast.

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Wynne has called Vancouver home for about eight years. She has one sister who lives in Toronto. Their parents still live “back in Halifax” and Wynn tries to see them a couple of times a year. She works as an Executive Assistant for a local accounting firm, and is also doing online courses to become an Accountant herself. 

Wynne had earphones on, and I asked her what she was listening to. “A podcast. Well, actually it’s a documentary from BBC radio.” I asked what the documentary was about and she told me “I listen to a lot of documentaries and podcasts. I don’t have enough music and radio doesn’t really do it for me. This documentary is about Male Escorts.“ I was intrigued. We talked more about podcasts versus live radio, and utilizing time while walking to listen to something that has benefit, or is educational. Wynn also likes to listen to podcasts from ‘GrammarGirl’s Quick and Dirty Tips’ ( which are short, succinct podcasts of five to eight minutes in duration, covering subjects of health, wellness, and apparently grammar (oh ooh - I wonder if she reads The Stranger Project 2014?) 

In her spare time, Wynn takes dance classes, primarily ballet, but had recently gotten into aerial classes, where one hangs and moves suspended in rope-type sheaths of silk, a rather acrobatic endeavour. When I asked Wynne how she got started, she told me she had always wanted to try aerial dance, and then came across a Groupon which was cheap and local. Did I mention Wynne walks very fast?

When we came to where our paths were going to part, I gestured in the direction I was going and bid Wynne a breathless goodbye. She didn’t stop, nor break her stride, smiled, wished me well with The Stranger Project and said goodbye. I got to work almost a full five minutes earlier than usual. #notastranger