Day 19 - Graham

19 Graham.jpeg

Day 19 - Graham (1st person I approached)

January 19, 2014 - Graham was out on the early Sunday morning coffee and juice run. I asked if I walked with him, (to avoid his drinks getting cold) would he be willing to chat with me. Without hesitation he said “Sure, but just so you know, I live right there across the street - it will be a short walk.” 

Graham is an actor, musician, works for 1-800-Got-Junk  (“they’re an incredible company and have been so great at allowing me time off when I’ve needed it to do other things.”)husband and father. Graham is the third child of four, with two older brothers and a younger sibling. He and his two brothers have a band called The Stumblers, and Graham shows me then that he has ‘STUM & BLER” tattooed on his knuckles “biggest mistake and waste of (money) I ever made” he says, laughing. He was a contestant on “Canada Sings” making it to the finals with Team 1-800-Got-Junk’s glee club ‘The Junk Notes’ (FACT CHECK - as a charity fundraiser for the Harmony House Centre for Autism Research and Education Society, in Whalley, BC. “Yeah, that was a lot of fun, Jan Arden, who was one of the judges, was the best and is very funny” Graham tells me. Graham has also done a stint as a character in JiffyLube commercials and was the voice-over announce as well. He has a full music studio in the basement of his home “it’s great, the music can be as loud as I want without disturbing anyone!” He plays numerous instrument including guitar and the Ukulele.

As we stand outside his house, I asked if he has any children, and his face lights up as he looks toward the living room window, and I turn around to see Graham’s wife and their three-year old twins, smiling and watching, no doubt wondering who Daddy was talking to. I can see in his eyes that they are the joy of his life, and say so. Graham looks a bit more serious and says “yeah, they certainly are, and it’s getting better - twins as toddlers is a lot of work. The first two years were hard, it’s a lot of work. But it’s really great now, so much fun.” The twins were born two and a half months premature, weighing just 3lbs each. “The staff at BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital were amazing. The work they do each and every day is incredible, just amazing.” After I take Graham’s picture, and thank him for his time, hoping his drinks aren’t too cold, Graham says to me “If you ever want to drop in and listen to some music, don’t hesitate to knock.” #notastranger