Day 18 - Kate

18 Kate.jpeg

Day 18 - Kate (2nd person I approached)

January 18, 2014 - Kate was waiting to meet her friend Liz. They haven't seen each other for about four years, but have remained in contact. Liz lives in Boston, and Kate lives in the Kelowna. They met about ten years ago in Thailand while they were both on an exchange program and had stayed in touch all these years.

Kate works as a Dental Hygienist, and has been married for just over year, and had dated her now husband for about five years prior to getting married. No children as yet, and although Kate is open to the idea, there's no plans as yet, to increase the family. I asked Kate where her husband was and she told me she had "sent him back to the hotel, I dragged him around all morning shopping, so he goes back to the hotel while I go for a nice catch-up visit with my girlfriend." 

After the visit with her friend Liz, Kate's heading back to the hotel, collecting her husband and then going to the Canucks game tonight, a home game against the Calgary Flames. I asked Kate who she wanted to win, and she looked me in the eye, and smiled "The Canucks of course!" Having been born and raised in BC, Kate said it was only natural to be a life-long Canucks fan.

We spoke a bit about strangers speaking on the street and Kate said that she didn't mind at all speaking with strangers, but found that often in the downtown Vancouver core, it was usually people asking for money that seemed to be the ones who approached people. That said and seemingly on cue, a smiling gent, cap in hand appeared, and asked "Can you spare some change, please?" #notastranger