Day 17 - Molly

17 Molly.jpeg

Day 17 - Molly (2nd person I approached)

January 17, 2014 - Molly is visiting Vancouver for the first time. She had landed at YVR “about an hour or so” before I approached her, coming from her home in South West England. Molly was lost and had decided “to just sit down and take it all in.”

Molly's trip was an impetuous, spur of the moment decision. A good friend of her’s is considering moving to Vancouver, and offered to pay Molly’s airfare if she came along to check out the city. I told her I loved the drop-everything-approach, and that not everyone would do that. “How long will you be in Vancouver for?” I asked. “Four days. I can’t take time off work, I know it’s kind of a mad thing to do, but I needed the getaway. I  recently broke up with my ‘marriage material’ boyfriend (he cheated on her), and this is a much needed, fun adventure.”

Molly has done a number of different things for employment from being an au pair in Switzerland, to an Executive Assistant in France. Molly is also an artist and is currently doing illustrations for a children’s book her mother has written. “It’s about a chubby little Shetland pony that’s rather mischievous,” and is aimed at children exposed to addiction issues and troubled upbringings. 

I asked Molly where she was heading to, and she seemed pleasantly surprised when I told her that her destination was only two blocks away. “Really?” she said, “Well, I’m glad I didn’t take a taxi.” #notastranger