Day 16 - Dan

16 Dan.jpeg

Day 16 - Dan (5th person I approached)

January 16, 2014 - Dan was coming from the beer store, and heading to work. “I build sets and stuff, you know like walls and things, usually for film sets.” He is the oldest child of three, with a brother and a sister. Originally from the Prairies, Dan has lived in Vancouver for 12 years. “The weather’s good, it’s beautiful, why wouldn’t you want to live in Vancouver?” he offered as way of explanation. “It’s good here.”

Dan likes to drink, and draw. Literally. When I asked what type of things he liked to draw he replied, “Girls. And cats.” I asked if he was (pulling my leg) and he said “No, really. I draw girls and I draw cats. I don’t do anything with the drawings, they just pile up.” 

I was telling him that he was the fifth person I had approached to speak to today and he looked me up and down (he’s considerably taller than I am) and said “Really? Why? It’s not like you seem a threat! That’s the thing about people. I’m about to get on a bus. The bus will be packed with people, but no one will look up, no one will make eye contact, no one will talk. It’s a waste of 20 minutes of our lives.” I asked if thought the time could be better spent learning something about others and he smiled and said “Yeah, something like that.” As we said goodbye, I challenged Dan to strike up a conversation with someone on that bus ride. I hope I see him again to find out if he did. #notastranger