Day 14 - Julia

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Day 14 - Julia (5th person I approached)

January 14, 2014 - Julia is originally from New Zealand. She had lived in England and Ireland for some time before coming to Vancouver. Julia chose Vancouver because she wanted to be somewhere that was English speaking, and that she’d be able to get a working visa. Initially intending to stay here for a year, Julia met her partner and has now called Vancouver home for 10 years. She works as an Accountant for the City of Vancouver. Julia has always had a head for numbers. “I’m a math geek” she told me, and remembers doing math competitions as a child in school. She said she didn’t remember if or what she won, or if she was any good, but recalls working in teams with other kids. I think she was being modest. Julia is an only child. I asked if she felt she missed anything growing up as an only child. “No, not at all. In fact I was spoiled, and not spoiled as in getting things. Spoiled with time. I didn’t have to share my parents, and as a result, we are very close.” Of course being away from family can be difficult at times but with regular trips to New Zealand, interspersed with her parents visiting Vancouver, no more than usually about 18 months goes by without a visit. Julia said she is good with her own personal finances, being an accountant, and told me that she does indeed go on a weekly budget! Julia likes to hike, snowboard and also goes snowshoeing with her partner and their dog. Her other passion is travel - having been to 32 countries (I just knew she’d know the exact number; Julia’s been an accountant all her working life) Of those 32 countries, her favourite and most memorable trip took them through Russia, Siberia and down into Mongolia. In Mongolia they had prearranged to stay with a nomadic tribe. Everyone was informed where to meet, and they spent a week living in a tent with a nomadic Mongolian family. Julia doesn’t speak Mongolian and the family didn’t speak English. Julia said it was one of the most amazing experiences ever. “The money we paid to stay with them for a week, paid for them to send their daughter to University for a full year.” #notastranger