Day 13 - Anders

13 Anders.jpeg

Day 13 - Anders (1st person I approached)

January 13, 2014 - Anders was born in Toronto and raised in Regina. He has lived in Vancouver a couple of times, but has just relocated back to Vancouver from Regina, one month ago. Anders had been thinking of moving to either Vancouver or Toronto, having spent some time there last summer. I asked how long between deciding on Vancouver and actually making the move west “one month, quit my job, packed everything up and did it.” I was interested to know what Anders thought of the suggestion that Vancouver is an unfriendly city. “That’s interesting” he said “most people would say that they think Regina would be the friendlier place because of it being smaller. But that’s not what I’ve experienced. People here are nice and of course it’s beautiful, and the weather is better.” Anders is looking to continue working in Information Technology, ideally for a global company dealing in IT securities. I told him about a company I know of in Gastown that has a great reputation and is global, but I couldn’t remember the name. When we were finishing our chat, I asked Anders if he felt he had made the right decision in choosing Vancouver over Toronto. Without hesitation, and with a big smile, he replied “oh yeah. I didn’t have to worry about my heat or electricity all month!” Nice! #notastranger

FOOTNOTE: As happens, I got about a block away after our chat when I remembered the name of the IT company I had told Anders about. When I got home, Anders had “liked” The Stranger Project 2014 Facebook page, so I sent him a message with a link to that company. Wouldn’t it be cool if our conversation resulted in Anders finding that ideal job?!