Day 12 - Rachel

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Day 12 - Rachel (3rd person I approached)

January 12, 2014 - Rachel is an only child, born in Hong Kong. She has lived in vancouver for about 20 years. Rachel remembers watching television as a child and being interested particularly in the commercials she saw. Her parents were supportive of her artistic interests and encouraged her drawing. Rachel’s mother used to watch an annual awards ceremony broadcast in Hong Kong, specifically for advertising and television commercials, and Rachel always watched it with her mother. She has known “from the time I was about five or six” that her passion was in advertising, and that she wanted to be involved in the industry. After studying at Emily Carr for four years, Rachel now works directly with clients and professionals, in the marketing aspect of a local ad agency. “It amazed me that a complete story could be told in just 30 seconds. Everyone has a favourite commercial that they remember from their childhood. That’s amazing!” #notastranger