Day 11 - Sylvia

11 Sylvia.jpeg

Day 11 - Sylvia (1st person I approached)

January 11, 2014 - I was immediately drawn to Sylvia’s bright colours and her cream-coloured rubber rain boots. We first spoke of the joys of walking through puddles. Sylvia was born on the Prairies and has lived in many different places. In Newfoundland for a time, “you know, doing the back-to-the-earth thing. Baking bread, growing vegetables, that kind of thing.” Sylvia is a middle child, with a brother and sister, and is fascinated with the traits of character relevant birth order. She recently took a cruise to Alaska, and on a rainy day excursion, used a disposable camera for the first time. One picture in particular was “so nice and such a surprise, I went out and bought my first digital camera. It’s still in the box though.” When I told Sylvia that I wanted the picture I was taking to demonstrate the connection we had established, I said “I really want to capture just how adorable you are” she replied “You’re not the first person to tell me that!” #notastranger