Day 10 - Tom

10 Tom.jpeg

Day 10 - Tom (3rd person I approached)

January 10, 2014 - Interesting to note that while Tom was the third person I approached the first two people both said they’d talk to me, and I did spend some time with a lovely elderly lady names Ilana, but neither of them wanted their picture taken. Tom was a great story-teller, with a great story!

Tom was born and raised in Vancouver. Moved to Powell River to work in a mill, and did so for 38 years, before taking early retirement. He was proud that he had bought his waterfront home in Powell River for $50k. Soon after retirement, Tom was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour and spent months in VGH for surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He was so touched with the care and support he received from nurses, he made a generous purchase for VGH (“Google me, you’ll see” FACT CHECK - ). Tom has relocated back to Vancouver, and likes routine. “Everyday I leave my house at 9:30am, then the rush hour is over and there’s street parking. I park my ‘Bu across the street (and he gestures to a dark blue Subaru minivan), and I come here and I have a mocha, a smoka and then a toke-a. It’s about quality.” I will be going to have coffee with this lively man again. Rest assured. #notastranger