Day 07 - Molly

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Day 07 - Molly (6th person I approached)

January 07, 2014 - This was the first time I had struck out numerous times before talking to Molly. She moved to Vancouver from Swindon in England, with her husband, 18 months ago. Molly was sitting in church one day four years ago, when God told her to move to vancouver. Molly and her husband , an accountant, are here to help establish a new church, founded by a man from South Africa. I asked Molly if it was her calling to come to vancouver, she told me she didn’t like the word ‘calling’ and preferred to look at as the work she did for God. Molly loves vancouver, and is happy that it’s warmer than the rest of Canada, and also think people in Vancouver are very friendly. “You’d never get a stranger approaching you in England, the way you just approached me.” #notastranger