March 05, 2015 - filming for the documentary

The three hugs for ‪#‎sebastianhug‬ ‪#‎GiveAHug‬ and the filming that took place today.

I met Emily as part of the filming for 'Not A Stranger' the documentary. Emily was the first person I approached, on camera, and she agreed to chat and be filmed - challenging to say the least. I'm grateful that she was so willing to share her story.

She did however, give me the "I don't have anything that interesting to tell you." If you've been following this project for any length of time, you'll know my philosophy and learned testing of that statement demonstrates that when someone says that, they have very interesting stuff to share. Emily was no exception. 

Emily went to the University of British for five years, to get her undergrad degree in sociology. Her insights of people through her studies lead her to the conclusion that we can't judge people based on what they present to us on the outside - a perfect fit with the Stranger project. During her last semester at UBC she went to Guatemala and did research into the examination of volunteer-lead programs. She then came back to Vancouver and got her law degree. So average, right? ‪#‎notastranger‬

TL - Tom, from Day 10 - 2014
BL - ran into Graham from Day 19 - 2014
Right - Emily, the newest #notastranger