March 03, 2015 - Eunice

March 03, 2015 - Eunice (1st person I approached)
Today started in one of my most favourite ways. I live on the seventh floor of my building, facing south, and the morning sun was pouring in the window. I got up feeling refreshed and was pleasantly surprised to see it was about two hours earlier than I thought it must be. Fresh coffee, silence and reading. Bliss. I decided to head out early and find today’s story. Then I headed to one of my favourite coffee shops, and got caught up some writing and things. This is my perfect start to the day.


I spotted Eunice sitting on a bench, looking at her phone. I walked over and explained my project to her, asking if we could chat. She explained she was on a break and could only chat for a few minutes. It’s amazing what you can learn about a person when you’re committed to a time frame!


Eunice was born in Burnaby, British Columbia (BC), once a suburb of Vancouver, now a city in it’s own right.

“I have one sister, she’s five years older than I am. We’re best friends now. That sort of happened when we were in our twenties,” she said.

“As kids, the age gap meant we didn’t spend much time together.” 


“I was always interested in arts in school. I was in the arts group. You know how there are the different groups of kids, the geeks, the science nerds and the arts kids. I was an arts kid. I loved English and sociology,” said Eunice.

“I went to Langara right after high school to upgrade. I spent a year there. Then I went to SFU (Simon Fraser University) to study education. I wanted to be a teacher, and went to university for three years. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Science degree,” she said.


After university, Eunice went travelling.

“I had always wanted to go to Japan. I was going to teach there. I had to decide between Japan or Korea. There’s more money to be made in Korea. My decision was between making more money, or going for the experience. I chose the experience and went to Yokohama, in Japan. I got a job teaching English to first-year university students,” she told me. Eunice spent a year-and-a-half in Japan.

“Before coming home, I went backpacking with a friend in Southeast Asia for about four months.”


“I came home and realized that I didn’t feel I had the patience I needed to teach. The job in Japan was great. It was good working with adults, but I knew it would be completely different working with children,” she said. Eunice worked at a couple of jobs and decided to go back to school.

“I went into the sciences which is weird considering I was the arts kid in school!” Eunice went to Douglas College in Coquitlam and studied to become a nurse.

“There was a waiting list to get into Langara College. I applied at a few schools and was going to go wherever I could get in. Douglas College takes a few different things into account in the application process. Because I had my undergrad degree, I got accepted there,” she said.


During her schooling to become a nurse, Eunice spent some time working at VGH (Vancouver General Hospital).

“I was a student there and got a job at VGH once I finished school. I only graduated last April. I was working in the surgical ward until recently,” she said. Eunice just got a job working in Richmond.

“I’ll be working as a home visit nurse. The program's run out of (a hospital), but I’ll be going into the patients homes. I’m looking forward to that because I’ll be able to spend more time with each patient, one-on-one. In a hospital setting, you do spend time with a patient, but there’s always another patient needing some care. This way, I'll have one patient at a time,” she said. 


We chatted about the possibility that Eunice could be the only connection with another person that her patient might have that day.

“I’ll have a great opportunity to get to know the patients, and go back every couple of days and check in with them. I’m looking forward to getting to know my patients. The days will still be busy, you have to see a certain number of patients each day. When I was in school we did home visits and it was one of my favourite parts of the training. It’s a great opportunity.” #notastranger