March 02, 2015 - Exciting NEWS!

March 02, 2015 - Exciting NEWS!
Today I spent a few hours with Kate Green, the producer and director behind the documentary ‘Not A Stranger’ - an examination of my experience with The Stranger Project. 

After a good chat over breakfast, we drove around to various locations that will be used for filming which takes place this week. To say I’m excited is a huge understatement! Never did I imagine any of this would happen when just over a year ago, I set out to help myself, and build community by talking to strangers. I'll give  you a heads-up now, there may be another day or two this week, that I won’t be writing; I’ll be on set, darling! (Ok, so there aren’t sets, but I’m sure you get the dramatic intent.)

I have even more news! I’ve had for some time, a vision for the continuation of The Stranger Project, going into the future. I’ve been formulating this idea for some time, and I am incredibly happy, honoured and humbled to share this exciting news with you. I’ve partnered with the good folks at Save-On Meats (Gastown, Vancouver) and their wonderful charitable organization, A Better Life Foundation. (*Fact Check - see link below.)

The idea is that every week, I will be meeting with someone and inviting them to share a meal with me. Save-On Meats will host and provide the meal, in support of A Better Life Foundation. I want to explore ways that allow me to make an even deeper and more meaningful connection with people. As we all know, sitting down and breaking bread with someone is an intimate and personal experience. 

The conversation over this meal will be the story that I will then share here. In order to honour the generosity of Save-On Meats, and in turn A Better Life Foundation, I will be placing their logo’s on my website. A short tagline will be used at the end of each story they support.

I’m on a personal mission to continue growing the reach of this project, to push the boundaries outward. By asking for help from within the community, I want to see the ripples extend further and further. No matter how small, a ripple is a ripple, generating movement. 

I hope that you’ll continue to read and share the stories of the everyday people I meet and write about. Your comments and support have meant the world to me. I hope that you’ll continue to support this project. 

Together, we can and ARE making a difference. I ask you to please continue sharing this journey with me, and with our new friends. A community needs people to come together, to be a community.

I’m extremely grateful to Mark Brand, owner of Save-On Meats for supporting The Stranger Project and for sharing the vision. My sincere gratitude goes to Leigh Carter, the Senior Community Coordinator at A Better Life Foundation, for helping me to put this together. #beinghungrysucks  #notastranger

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