June 12, 2015 - a simple question

June 12, 2015 - a simple question

It’s funny, I quit my full-time job of over five years, so that I could focus more on The Stranger Project, and my writing. I’m busier now than when I was working 45 hrs a week. It takes time to make enough income to cover rent, food, bills and the basic necessities of life. However, I’m happier and freer than I’ve ever been. Well worth the effort.


I wanted to share a quick little incident that just happened to me. I was walking south on Cambie Street, near Broadway. About half a block away, two young guys probably in their mid-late twenties were walking toward me. One was talking on his phone, and the other was just walking down the street. Suddenly, he opened his arms, outstretched wide as if he was walking toward someone he was happy to see. 


As we got closer, he and I made eye contact, and I smiled and jokingly asked if he was coming in for a hug. He shrugged his shoulders and in a gruff sounding voice said,

“Ah no man, not for you,” and kept walking, arms out-stretched.


No sooner had he said that then he stopped and turned around. He shouted,

“Hey!” at me.

“I’m sorry dude, that’s not what I meant. That sounded rude. Come here, of course I’ve got a hug for you. I had my arms stretched out in appreciation of the mountains. And the city and the sunshine,” he said, wrapping his arms around me, giving me a warm, friendly hug, complete with a good squeeze. I noted there also wasn’t the uncomfortable man-patting or slapping of the back, either. “I love the mountains and that view man. But I love you too. Thanks for the hug!” With that, he turned and walked away, leaving me with a great sense of feeling connected.


The answer is always no, if you don’t ask. #notastranger