Day 224 - Emma

Day 224 - Emma (1st person I approached)
August 12, 2014 - I saw Emma sitting by herself after I had walked my friends to catch a train to the airport. Emma was waiting to meet a friend of her's and was more than happy to chat with me. I figured it would be nice to meet a stranger in the morning, and to get the story completed nice and early. The irony being that it’s midnight and I’m only writing it now.


Emma was born in China.

“I was adopted when I was eleven months old. I spent the first months of my life in an orphanage. My (adoptive) parents are from Toronto and Montreal. They weren’t able to have any children of their own, so they adopted me, and raised me as their only child. I was raised knowing I was adopted, and have always felt very special because of it,” said Emma. 


“School is good. I’m going into Grade eleven,” she said.

“I mostly enjoy the social aspect of school. I’ve always really liked English, I think that is my favourite subject. There isn’t anything about school that I dislike that much, but the sciences have always been difficult.” 


Emma has played field hockey for the last eleven years.

“I started out playing baseball, but it wasn’t really my thing. My parents and I were trying to find a sport that I’d like. I played soccer for a while, and one of my friends on the soccer team told me about field hockey and I gave it a try. I’ve been playing it ever since,” said Emma. I asked her if she was a good field hockey player.

“Yeah, I guess I’m an okay player,” she said modestly. Emma plays on a school team and a recreational team.

“The school team seems a little closer. I think because the kids on the recreational team don’t all go to the same school, so not everyone knows each other.” 


Emma intends to continue playing field hockey going into university.

“I don’t want to play competitively. Like I don’t want to be on a national team or anything. I want to continue playing at a level I can play and enjoy myself. I think it would be to stressful to play at a higher level,” she says with a wisdom that belies her age. 


When we spoke about university, Emma again showed an advanced maturity.

“I want to study Psychology. I’ve always been fascinated with people, human nature and behaviours,” she said. I asked why specifically Psychology as opposed to Psychiatry.

“I’m interested in Psychology Arts. There isn’t the same arts component in psychiatry, that’s more about the science behind behaviours. I want to become a counsellor,” she said. Emma clearly has given a lot of thought to her future.


We talked about Emma's best friend.

“I’ve known her almost all of my life. She’s from China and was adopted as well. We found out that she had been adopted from the exact same orphanage my parents adopted me from. We didn’t know that at first, when we became friends,” she said, with her big bright smile.

**EDITED - I asked Emma who she was waiting to meet. "(I'm) actually meeting one of my camp leaders from camp. Where I've gone to for around 9 or 10 years of my life! The camp is Pioneer Pacific Camp on Thetis Island and is like my second home. Around 3 weeks ago I got to go to camp for 3 weeks as a PYC which is Pioneer Youth Crew, where a group of teens going into Grade 10 and 11 live together at camp and do maintenance and just become closer to one another and God, for it is a Christian camp!" I’m pretty sure the future also looks very bright for Emma. #notastranger

EDIT NOTE: I missed a part of the story through a misunderstanding and my sometimes forgetful memory. Emma messaged me to give some additional information! Thanks Emma for keeping me honest!