Day 271 - Meagan

Day 271 - Meagan (1st person I approached)

September 28, 2014 - I caught Meagan on a break from work. She checked the time on her phone before agreeing to chat with me. When I said we could chat for five minutes, or maybe six, she was good to chat.


Meagan is the oldest of two girls, born in Calgary, Alberta.

“I had another sister. She was born with hole in her heart and she died when she was six months old. I was about four years old at the time. I don’t really remember this happening. That’s the saddest part for me. The not remembering,” she said.

“My mother had another cild. I think as a way to move forward. She’ll never get over losing a child, but she moved forward. I’m extremely close with my little sister. It wasn’t always that way. I’m six years older than her. She was definitely an annoying little sister. Then when I was about sixteen or so, I was getting more patient and she was growing up as well, and wasn’t so annoying to me anymore. And now we are very, very close,” said Meagan, with a big smile. 


“I didn't like school. I wasn’t that good at any one thing in particular. I dropped out in the first semester of Grade twelve. Then I went back for the start of the second semester, but it just wasn’t for me. I’m not one who learns by sitting in a classroom,” she said.

“I even tried going to an alternative school. One that caters to students that have dropped out, or gotten pregnant, just don’t fit into the regular school system. But no, it didn’t work and I never finished school. I left.”


After leaving school, Meagan got a job working with a large chain of coffee shops as a barista.

“I did that for a while and didn’t like what I was doing so I quit,” she told me. Meagan’s parents had divorced when she was sixteen.

“That was hard. It was tough to watch my mother go through that. She had been unhappy for a long time. I suppose in the end it was for the best, but it wasn’t easy. I was living with my mother, and I wasn’t working. I sat around for about a year doing nothing. My mother wanted me to find a job, so I went to live my father,” said Meagan. That didn’t work out so well, and Meagan went back to live with her mother again.

“I went back to work at my old job. It’s like a bad boyfriend that you keep going back to.”


A few months ago Meagan moved to Vancouver.

“I’m back at school again,” she said, almost flabbergasted.

“I’m going to (make-up) school. I want to get into film work. I only came to Vancouver for that reason. I knew when I came here, I’d be going back to Calgary as soon as I can,” she told me.

“I don’t like it here. At all. I hate it. People are too busy. No one knows how to drive. I just don't like it. As soon as school is over, I’m going back. I’m leaving the day after graduation,” she said. 


Meagan has been in the make-up course for two months now and is enjoying what she's learning.

“I have a job to go to when I get back to Calgary. My father works in the film industry, so he’s got something lined up for me." She stood up and told me she had to go back to work. The ' bad-boyfriend job' extended to an outlet here in Vancouver. I took her picture and thanked Meagan for her time. I told her I hope she enjoys the rest of school and her time in Vancouver. I also warned her about Vancouver’s reputation for panic when snow is even mentioned in the weather forecast. #notastranger