Day 254 - Alexandra

Day 254 - Alexandra (1st person I approached)
September 11, 2014 - Occasionally, I can spot someone and in my gut, somehow, I know that person will chat with me. I’ve been wrong a few times but I’m correct more often than not. I spotted Alexandra sitting near one of my favourite people watching spots. She was talking on her phone. I avoided sitting right next to her, thus making myself a subject of her conversation, and sat down about twenty feet away and waited. Not a tactic I’ve employed before, and I did tell Alexandra that I had been creeping her. Fortunately, she laughed! And more importantly, still said she’d chat with me.


Born In Mission, British Columbia (BC), Alexandra has lived there all her life.

“Mission is a great place to grow up as a kid. My parents had seven acres of land and we had lots of space for dirt bikes and ATV's (all terrain vehicles). We made up our own games,” said Alexandra.

“My father is a logger and he leased most of our land to the farm next door for their use. We couldn’t have used it all, but we certainly had lots of space to play as kids.” Alexandra has one older sister and one younger brother.

“We were all close growing up. I think in part because of the way our parents raised us, but also because living in a rural kind of area, we often only had each other for company. I might have had a bit of the middle child issues, but for the most part, we were good friends growing up,” she told me.


“School was ok. I just wanted to get through it. My mother drove us there most days. She was very involved with our schooling as well. She was on the PTA (Parent Teacher Association), and then she was PAC President (Parent Advisory Council). She’s a school Trustee now. My mother was definitely involved with our school,” said Alexandra.

“In Grade twelve I took two photography classes, and fell in love with photography. The class was using film, so I was learning not only about taking picture’s, but also how to develop and process the film. I really liked that class.” Alexandra’s grandfather and an aunt had been interested in photography as well.

“I’ve been around photographers for years,” she said.


After graduating from high-school, Alexandra wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.

“I had applied to a couple of different schools and got accepted to both of them. One was to study for Business Management. I went for about a week and then left. It wasn’t of any interest to me. The other school I didn’t even go to, I just turned down the acceptance,” she said. Alexandra got a job working at a fashion clothing retailer.

“I did that for a year or so while I figured out what I wanted to do. I applied to go get into a digital photography course at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, which is also called VanArts (*Fact Check - see links below). The program was a year long,” she said. After graduating from VanArts, Alexandra still didn’t know what direction she wanted to take her photography in.

“There's a small independent country-type grocers out by where we live and I got a job there. I did that for a couple of years. Then I got a job working at a heavy maintenance centre,” said Alexandra. I had to ask what that was.

“They have a contract with the Military to do heavy maintenance on aircraft, specifically Hercules and Super Hercules aircraft. I do the paperwork and administration for the military work we do. It’s a great job and I really like working there. My sister works there now as well,” she said.


Alexandra has started showing her photography work.

“I just participated in the Portobello West show that happened at the Olympic Village. I sold a few of my pieces and it was just a great opportunity to network and get some of my photography work out there. I’m more of a landscape and arts photographer as opposed to portraits or people. I don’t photograph people,” she said.

“I work three days a week at the heavy maintenance company, so that gives me four days a week to get out and do more of my own thing. I’m came to Vancouver today because a client asked me for a specific type of photograph, so I came into town to get that shot.” (**Fact Check - see links below.)


Five years ago, at the age of twenty, Alexandra and her sister, who was twenty-two at the time, bought a house together.

“It’s in Mission. One day perhaps I’d like to move to Vancouver, but everyone has told me how lucky I am to be a homeowner already. I’m happy to be where I am right now. Our little brother recently moved in as well. That took a little bit of adjustment and setting some ground rules as we went along. But yeah, I know it’s kind of weird and doesn’t happen very often, but the three of us have moved out and are all roommates now. Some people think it’s kind of weird. But who wants to be normal?” #notastranger

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