Day 09 - Adriana

Day 09 - Adriana (4th person I approached)
January 09, 2014 - Today I had a meeting in Yaletown, an area in the downtown core of Vancouver. I decided while I was in the neighbourhood, that I’d wander around and look for today’s story after my meeting. I reached a new determination level today, or a least a new tactic. I realized I had walked a circuit around the same three city blocks, twice. 


On my final loop, Adriana was walking towards me, talking on her phone. As we passed one another, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her end the phone conversation. I turned around and gave a loud ‘Hey! Excuse me!’ realizing immediately that I may well be perceived to be some weird, creepy guy. She turned and looked at me, and before she could even think to tell me to get lost, I blurted out ‘I’m not trying to hit on you.’ Oh, with what grace I puteth my foot in my mouth. Fortunately, Adriana smiled, and listened to what I had to say, agreeing to chat with me. 


Born in Barrie, Ontario, Adriana is the youngest of three children.

“I have two brothers, one is nine years older and the other is seven years older. So I’m definitely the baby of the family,” she said, grinning.

“Even though I’m the only girl, and was so much younger, my brothers weren’t overly protective. But they were the only ones allowed to pick on me. They’d try to gang up on me, but I soon learned to play mind games with them. Things like telling them each they were my favourite and playing them off one another," Adriana said.

"If I was dating someone, they'd keep their distance, until they figured I liked the guy and then they’d start to ask questions,” she said, with a fondness in her voice.

“We’re close, and got along well for the most part.”


When Adriana was seventeen, her parents separated.

“I had gone to school in Barrie up to Grade eleven. My mother is from Toronto, and she wanted to move back there, as a way of making a new start. I wanted to go to Etobicoke School of the Arts, an arts high school," she told me.

“Barrie is a fairly small town and being interested in theatre, there wasn’t anything there for me,” she said. For her audition to get into the arts school, Adriana recalls doing a song, which I’m sure she said was called The Cupcake Song. I might be wrong, but I like the name of my version.

“After graduating from school, I headed west to Victoria (on Vancouver Island, British Columbia). I went to The Canadian College of Performing Arts (CCPA). I wanted to go to a school that offered a program in musical theatre. CCPA is one of the few schools in Canada that does,” she said. (*Fact Check - see link below.) The program was two-and-a-half years long.

“Some students worked while in college, but it’s an intensive workload. Sixteen hour days, and I just wanted to focus on my schooling. I’m fortunate that my parents helped me with going to school.”


“I was lucky to get a few really great opportunities right out of school (CCPA). One of them was working on a brand new piece that was in development. It was through the Phoenix Theatre at UVic (University of Victoria). It was a great experience to be involved through that new play development process," said Adriana.

“I moved to Vancouver just over a year ago. There’s more and better opportunities here. Also, having lived in Toronto, I wanted more of a bigger city energy and buzz. Victoria’s a beautiful place, and I liked living there during school. but I needed to move off the island.”


Adriana has just finished doing a nationwide tour.

“I was touring with a show called 'Broken Sex Doll.' It was very successful and so much fun,” she said, laughing. I mentioned that I had heard of the show, but hadn't seen it.

“It was wildly popular, everywhere we played. It’s set in the future and the show is about how people have become desensitized and detached,” she tells me.

“It’s actually sort of similar to the premise of this project that you’re doing.” That made me smile! #notastranger

*Fact Check -
**Fact Check - Broken Sex Doll review -