February 16, 2015 - Sharing & Gratitude

February 16, 2015 - Sharing and Gratitude
I spent some time today in meetings, working on a few details for the future of The Stranger Project. As and when I’m able to share the outcomes and fruit of my planning and labour, I most certainly will. 

I also met with Kate Green, the Producer/Director of the documentary ‘Not A Stranger.’ The documentary is Kate’s vision, it's her telling of the story of my journey over the last year. We have a wonderful connection and an open, honest dialogue. I trust her implicitly. It gives me great comfort to be guided by her creativity and passion. I’m definitely not a film-maker. 

The Stranger Project has become a mainstay in my life. I’m grateful for, and humbled by all the support I’ve received in the last 412 days. The comments that are written, the private messages that are sent, emails I receive, the stories that get shared and reposted - are all greatly appreciated. 

There are wonderful things happening, and I have some big plans ahead. I hope that you’ll stick around to share in these. Of course, the mainstay of it all is to continue to find and share the wonderful stories of the people I get to chat with.

I’m taking steps towards being able to commit even more of my time to The Stranger Project. Not only meeting people and telling the stories I’m hearing, but pushing the ripples that these stories create, even further out. 

Just as this community has grown organically, I strive to have the energy carry forward in the same manner. To help, support, and nurture wherever and however possible. Some stories shift our perspective, some may change our outlook. There are stories that have made us shed a tear or two, and others which have brought laughter and joy. 

Isn’t that what community is about? Living and sharing. Being interested and interesting. Being cared for and caring. Growing together. Thank you for changing my world. #notastranger