February 14, 2015 - Andrea & Dair

February 14, 2015 - Andrea & Dair (1st couple I’ve ever approached)
In truth, I had decided I wasn’t going to write a story today. And not because I'm bitter about being single. I'm not bitter. I am single. I had a lazy day of social media, editing photos and involuntary napping. But I had to go and get some groceries. As I was getting ready to head out, I figured that if I saw a couple that looked like they were dating/married/shacked-up, I’d maybe see if they'd chat with me.


As I got close to the grocery store, I saw Andrea and Dair walking into the shopping mall, but they were some distance ahead of me. They were holding hands, so I figured the odds were good that they were a couple. I did a quick walk around to see if I could spot any other couples. I turned to look behind me before heading up an escalator, and spotted Andrea and Dair again, at the other end of the little mall we are in. When I got up to the second level, I could see them walking towards to escalator I had just gone up. I quickly took the other escalator down, and they had stopped to look into a florist's window.


I approached them and told them about my project. I explained that as it was Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be nice to chat with a couple. They were still holding hands. They looked at one another for mutual approval and both said they were happy to chat. 


Andrea is from Colombia. Dair is from Brazil. I asked him what his name meant and he laughed and said

“Nothing." His grandmother had named all her children with names that began with the letter ‘D.’ He told me that the name Odair meant something, but his grandmother dropped the ‘O’ and named his father Dair. He is named after his father, and is Dair Junior. 


Andrea speaks Spanish, and Dair speaks Portuguese.

“We usually speak English,” Andrea said.

“But Dair has taught me some some Portuguese and he speaks a little Spanish, so we sometimes speak a little of all three language. If we can’t understand something,” Andrea looked at Dair and smiled. 


They met at school.

“We are both in animation at the Vancouver Film School,” she said. They were friends first and their relationship grew out of that.

“We would see each other every day. The school is open twenty-four hours a day. We would talk to each other a lot and became friends,” she said. I asked if they knew who was the first of the two to actually start to like the other in a romantic sense.

“I think it was you,” Dair said to Andrea.

“I thought you liked me,” she replied. They both laughed.


With the school work keeping them in classes late, Dair would walk Andrea to her bus stop.

“There was one time he walked me to my stop. I thought he was going to kiss me. I could see the bus coming and I turned my head to see where the bus was. The bus came and Dair waved goodbye as I got on. I was so upset, I thought he had tried to kiss me but I had turned my head. I felt bad that he would think I didn’t want him to kiss me,” she said, ever so sweetly.


Once again, Dair walked with Andrea to make sure she got on her bus safely.

“I will tell you my version of what happened,” Andre said to me.

“We had walked as far as he needed to walk me, then he would turn and go back in the direction which we came from.” She took the initiative and leaned in and kissed Dair. I looked at him and he had a big grin on his face, and just a little perspiration on his brow. He thinks it happened on another corner. I asked Dair what he thought when she had kissed him.

“I was so happy, but I didn’t know what to say. So I smiled and said 'Goodbye,' and turned and walked away. But I was really happy!” They each had a huge smile on their face. 


I asked how long they have been dating. They looked at each other and replied in unison,

“One year.” It was so adorable.

“We had been friends for a while,” said Andrea.

“Things just seemed to happen naturally,” Dair told me.

"We had been talking at school and spending a lot of time together. We started dating, we figure sometime in February last year,” said Andrea.

“So we took out a calendar, and we marked that it was February 14th last year that we actually started to date. Today is our one year anniversary!” I wanted to hug them both. I didn't. There are no coincidences.   #notastranger