December 31, 2015 Gratitude

As I sit here on my couch, watching the sunset, I'm filled with gratitude for the countless experiences, opportunities, connections and memories that the last two years are filled with. They've all truly been gifted to me.

Since starting this project, my life has shifted, dramatically. I might be sitting on the same comfortable spot on my couch now, but every thing else is different.

In sharing the personal stories of others, I've become more compassionate, stronger, kinder and more determined. It only took one gentle action to create change. I'm learning to listen, to care and to have more empathy, in all deeds. I look to make informed decisions, and to accept the responsibility that being 'aware' carries.

I don't want to be just another person passing by in life. I'm inspired by the community, strong and heart-centered, that has grown around TSP2014. I've made friends, some for as long as the conversation lasted, and some others for life, and I am blessed with all of this. I give thanks. For all the comments, the likes, the messages and shares that whirl around - I'm amazed, humbled and feel more connected than ever. This community that we are, right here.

Really, that's what it's all about, right? Connections. The intimate, the professional, the familial. The chosen family and our connections with them, those that we carry in our hearts. We feel loved, cared for, understood, encouraged and supported in our community.

Two years ago tomorrow, I felt more disconnected than I had ever felt. I opened the door, and walked outside, determined to find something. My way? Who knows. There's no destination. I'm on the right path though. I know this in my heart.

I wish you love, support, happiness, health and connection in 2016. I wish you a wonderful Happy New Year! Let's start a movement. Speak your dreams out loud. What will your ripple be? #notastranger #BIGthings2016