Day 150 - Eve

Day 150 - Eve (1st person I approached)
May 30, 2014 - Eve was sitting waiting for a friend when I approached her. She said yes when I asked her to chat, and when I showed her my Facebook page, she told me

“I’ve heard about this. You’re legit!”


Eve was born here in Vancouver.

“I grew up in Shaughnessy (one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Vancouver). My father is a financier and I definitely grew up in a wealthy environment,” said Eve. The family moved around, due to her father’s work.

“We never settled anywhere for too long I went to a number of different schools. They were all private schools, all girls and uniforms and conformity. I completed high school at yet another private school in Victoria (Vancouver Island),” said Eve. Through all the traveling and moving, Eve’s family has always come home to Vancouver.


“After high school, I wanted to go to art school, but went travelling for a while instead. My mother wasn’t born into a wealthy lifestyle and she started to get involved with a church. It got awkward between us. I felt like she was wanting me to follow her lead. I went to Europe and travelled around. I ended up in Japan. But here I am back in Vancouver, again,” said Eve. We spoke about our mutual desire to live in Japan for an extended period of time.

“Yeah, I’ve been to both Tokyo and Kyoto,” said Eve.

”They are both special places but Kyoto has an energy and spirit about it. The Japanese use a word ‘kokoro’ which means heart. That’s what I felt about Kyoto. It has heart and soul. A very special place.”


Eve and her mother have worked through their differences.

“We’ve become really good friends and communicate well. She’s drawn away from the church and things are good between us again,” she tells me. I ask Eve about her relationship with her father.

“Yeah, he’s okay. Just the same as always. He works and travels a lot.” She has considered going back to school.

“Whenever I think about going to school, it’s psychology that appeals me to me. I’ve always been fascinated with that. And art.” Eve recently got engaged.

“I was seeing someone when I was travelling and we had talked about getting engaged. Then he fell in love with someone else. I’m happy for him and we’re still friends. Now I am engaged.” I asked if Eve was out on her own, or still with her family.

“No, I’ve been completely independent for over a year now. I have a job working in a soap factory. I guess you could say I’ve rebelled against the upbringing that I’ve had. The wealth. It feels good to be independent. But since getting engaged, my mother's been giving me stuff. I just got a blender from her. I guess when you get engaged people want to give you things!” At this point Eve’s friends arrived. Without even asking, they took a seat at another table and waited.

"We're probably going to have to cut this short," Eve tells me politely.


When I asked Eve about siblings, she told me she has one brother.

“He’s younger than me,” she says. I asked if they are close.

“Yeah. He is my life,” she says without missing a beat. I remark that no one has had such a definitive, loving and immediate response when asked if they are close with their siblings.

"Oh, that’s sad,” says Eve. I explain that of course other people have said they are close with their family, just not with such strength.

“He’s eight years younger than me so he’s definitely my little brother. He’s in high school still, but he doesn't like going to school. He does correspondence work. He’s very bright and likes working, just not the environment. He is my world. We’re best friends.” #notastranger