Day 126 - Wayne

Day 126 - Wayne (9th person I approached)
May 06, 2014 - Wayne was on a break from work when we started chatting. Born in Duncan on Vancouver Island, Wayne has lived in Vancouver since he was about four years old.

“My parents separated and I moved with my father to Surrey,” he said. Wayne has a number of siblings, including step and half siblings. He also has a twin brother. 


In high school, Wayne became involved in publishing a school newspaper.

“We made a connection with a local Surrey publisher that printed a local newspaper, and they would print our school paper. Because of having it printed, we had a six page, small version newspaper. We published every couple of months or so,” said Wayne. I asked Wayne if he joined any school groups of sports.

“I played baseball a bit when I was in elementary school, but that’s about it. Let’s just say I was raised in a strict household, and we had to be at home if we weren’t at school,” he said.


After completing school, Wayne started working right away.

“I didn’t go to college or university. I’ve always had a job. I had to contribute to the household. I moved out at a young age, and moved to downtown Vancouver. I’ve lived in the west-end for just over forty years now,” said Wayne. He has worked the majority of his life in customer service positions.

“I spend a lot of my time doing others things as well. I’m very involved in a local community garden project. When it first started six years ago, I was one of the first to sign up for a plot. I grow all kinds of things. Some vegetables, fruit and flowers. I eat some and give a lot of it away. As the community garden started to flourish, it was decided that there should be a committee to help maintain it. I signed up to support the garden. I’m now the only one on the committee,” says Wayne, laughing.

“I make sure that what needs to get done, does. Administration of the gardens, and even sometimes mediation between plot users. We’ve already been there longer than initially proposed. The land will eventually be redeveloped, I'm sure.”


Wayne’s father served in the Canadian Forces during the second World War. He met and married an English woman and had a daughter with her. After the end of the war, they came back to Canada. The marriage didn’t last and the woman and her daughter returned to England. This was before Wayne’s parents had met. Some time after his fathers death, Wayne and his older sister were going through some of their father's belongings. They came across a collection of letters from his father's first wife, and their daughter. The family had always known about their father's first wife and child, but there was no connection between the two families. 


Wayne decided to see if he could track his half sister down.

“From the letters to my father, we had an address that she used to live at. I went online and found a local telephone directory. I found a collection of people with the correct last name, and in that area. I decided I’d call each of them to see if that might lead anywhere. The first call I made, I found her! When she answered I asked if her name was (such and such). She said yes, and asked who was calling. I said ‘I’m your brother!’ We talked for quite a while. She had known about us, but we’d never had any contact. We exchanged email addresses and after the call, I sent her a long email telling her all about what this side of the family had been doing. The next morning when I got up, she had replied with an equally long email telling me all about herself.” 


Since that call, Wayne and his half sister have met and visited each other a couple of times.

“It’s really great to have the connection. When I got the first email from my sister, she sent photographs of herself. I absolutely can see the family resemblance. She’s written letters as well and even our handwriting looks similar!” #notastranger