Day 115 - Caela

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Day 115 - Caela (2nd person I approached)
April 25, 2014 - Caela was sitting out in the sunshine when I asked her to talk with me. I liked that she put away her phone when we started to chat. She was born and raised in Vancouver.

“I was born at (British Columbia) Children’s Hospital. We lived near Fraser Street in east Vancouver. I went to one of the only french immersion catholic schools in the city. I read a lot of books. My sister was the more athletic one. I’ve always liked books. Sometimes I’d read books over again, just to have something to read,” Caela told me.


When Caela was in Grade nine, the family moved to Pemberton, north of Whistler, British Columbia (BC).

“My father had worked for many years at a desk job. They offered him a chance to move to Buffalo with the company , or take a buy out. So he took the buy out. The outdoor lifestyle appealed to my parents. It was a great opportunity to spend time together as a family,” Caela said. I asked her if it was tough moving away from all her friends.

“No, not really. My mother homeschooled me when we moved. I got a job working at McDonald’s as well. Between work and home schooling I kept busy. I made friends through work. We’d all go for hikes and do thing together. We’re a close family. And we’d come down to the city to visit friends. My father and I went to Hawaii to visit family there. We stayed for about six weeks. All I needed was an internet connection to keep up with school work,” said Caela.


The family lived in Pemberton for a year.

“We decided as a family to move back to the city. We sat down and talked about it, and then moved to south Vancouver,” Caela said. With her industrious spirit and homeschooling, Caela finished almost year ahead of schedule.

“My mother suggested I could go to summer school when we moved back down to the city. I only needed a few classes to complete the year. I took some sciences as well. and that enabled me to jump ahead a full year. It was only three times a week for half the summer, so it was worth the extra work,” she told me. 


After graduating high school, Caela got a job working as a receptionist for a real estate development company.

“I was so surprised that I got the job. I had no experience and wore a jacket that my grandmother had that she had altered. But I did get the job. They told me they were impressed that I had held down a full time job at McDonald’s at 16 and that I was also homeschooled. They were so good to me there. I learned a lot in that job. They started getting me to do little projects and help out in other areas that interested me. They’ve become like family to me. It was from working there that I decided to go back to school and pursue marketing,” she said. Caela’s goal is to complete the marketing program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

“I was going to classes once a week and working full time. It was too much work and not enough school. I want to focus on going to school, so I’m not working there any longer. And I’ve taken year off of school to get my realtor's licence. So I’m doing that and working part time for two realtors. It’s giving me an opportunity to find out what it’s like to work as a realtor. That will help going into real estate marketing," Caela said. 


While we were talking, Caela removed her sunglasses. As she did the bling from a beautiful diamond engagement ring sparkled in the sun. A text message came in and Caela told me we had five minutes left to talk as her fiancé was coming to meet her. The time flew by and before I knew it, she waved at a vehicle in front of us and started to gather her belongings. I quickly took her picture, wondering what her fiancé, who was watching from his vehicle was thinking. Caela told me she enjoyed chatting, and that she would follow the Facebook page. She flashed a big smile, waved goodbye, and was gone. #notastranger