Day 114 - Steph

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Day 114 - Steph (5th person I approached)
April 24, 2014 - Steph was born in Vancouver. The family lived in Surrey and then moved to Richmond.

“I can’t remember why we moved. But I’ve spent most of my life growing up in Richmond. I went to high school there,” Steph said.

“I have one sister, she’s five years older than I am. We fought and all the usual stuff that kids do, but as I got older I realized ‘Wait! My sister is really cool’ and we’ve gotten along ever since!”


Steph has just completed two years at Langara College studying history.

“It was my Grade 12 history teachers fault. He got me interested in the subject. He was into the World Wars, and the mechanization of war. The tanks and equipment. We spent weeks just talking about tanks,” Steph said. I told her about a great series from the BBC that covered the world wars in detail. It was called ‘The World at War.’

“Yes, I’ve seen bits of that, it was good. We would watch parts of that series in class. It was so well done. Who narrated it? Oh, who was it. Someone famous (Laurence Olivier).” (*Fact Check - see link below.)


Steph told me that she has always liked machines.

“I like watching Formula One racing, which kind of ties into the wars. The Grand Prix races came into being between the two world wars, and then afterwards, Formula One racing started I think, in 1950. (**Fact Check - see link below.) I started watching racing in about 2011. Although my mother watched racing when I was a kid,” Steph said.

"My favourite team would be Mercedes right now. I'm actually more into the drivers than the teams. So if a driver switches teams, then I sort of do as well. We talked about Nascar and the fact that Vancouver had been considered to be one of the finest Indy courses going. “But of course it got cancelled. It was too noisy.”


Steph is heading to the University of British Columbia (UBC) this fall, studying for her undergrad in History.

“I’m not sure what my specialization will be at this point. I’m also thinking of taking a computer sciences class as well. I talked with one of my advisors at college about technology being more integrated with history and archiving. So a knowledge of computer systems will no doubt come in handy for the future," Steph said.

"After my undergrad, I’m thinking of continuing on to my Masters. In what, I’m not sure. History maybe? I’m just going to get through my undergrad first. I’ll see where I’m at when I’m done with that,” she says.


I ask Steph what it is she thinks she’d like to do once she has completed all of her schooling.

“I’m not sure right now. I’ve kind of got school planned out, but it could all change. I certainly didn’t think I’d be going to University to study history. Everyone says teaching is always the fall back, but I’m not so sure. My plan is if all else fails, to go to school and become an automotive service mechanic. Or bike mechanic. I like motorbikes too. That’s my plan B.” #notastranger


*Fact Check -

**Fact Check -