Day 138 - Laura

Day 138 - Laura (6th person I approached)
May 18, 2014 - Today’s rejections were unique. One man with the most incredible brown eyes that were ringed with blue, got a telephone call as soon as he agreed to chat and then he had to leave. One man told me in flawless English that he didn’t speak any English. Another man agreed to chat and then told me that he was ‘at a crossroads’ in his life, and that maybe today wasn’t the best day after all. We still chatted for a few minutes though. A lady I approached was interested in the project, however was trying to finish a book that was due back at the library tomorrow. The fifth person, a man said he’d talk with me but only if it could be anonymous and with no photograph. I thanked him for his time and moved on. 


Laura had just completed a hot yoga class. She was going to get groceries for dinner, but said we could chat for a little bit. Laura was born in Prince George.

“I didn’t grow up there all my life though. My father worked for a few telecommunication companies and so we moved around. We lived in Ontario for a while as well,” said Laura.

“My parents also liked to travel. Family vacations with my parents and my older sister. Between that and the moving, I’ve been to a lot of different places.” The family ended up back in Prince George.

“I was a teenager and when I found out we were moving again, it was tough. We moved to Coquitlam. In hindsight, it was a good thing, really. I think I might have just stayed in Prince George and never left if we hadn’t made that final move to Coquitlam. There’s nothing wrong with Prince George whatsoever. But I think I’ve had other opportunities because of moving to Coquitlam. That’s how I ended up here in Vancouver,” said Laura.


After graduating high school, Laura started working.

“I did a number of odd jobs. I was a server, did some cooking and a few other things. I took a millinery course as well. I made a top hat and a fascinator (a headpiece or alternative to a full hat). But supplies are expensive and so it was just a one off,” said Laura.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I started taking some courses to upgrade my skills and grades. I applied to get into a Neuro Electro Physiology (NEP) programme at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), but I didn’t get accepted,” Laura said. I asked what interested her about such a specific potential career.

“I find anything to do with the brain fascinating. The NEP measures brain waves in patients who’ve had a stroke, or head injury, and people with sleep disorders,” said Laura. She has also been considering becoming an addictions counsellor.


Laura’s mother is a Reiki practitioner and healer. (*Fact Check - see link below). “I’ve always had an interest in massage, and healing. Learning from my mother. I’m not ready to get into Reiki, at least not right now, but I do work in massage. I just got my license last week and will be working this summer doing massage at Wreck Beach. I’ll have an area set up were the other vendors are on the main beach. It will be set up like a booth, with discreet screens, and private. I’ll be there all summer and we’ll see how it goes. It’s a great community down at Wreck and I’m sure that everyone will be respectful. I’m excited and nervous. I’ve never set up my own business before.” #notastranger


*Fact Check -