Day 93 - Diana

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Day 93 - Diana (6th person I approached)

April 03, 2014 - Diana (Spanish pronunciation dee-ann-ah) comes from the port city of Tampico, Mexico located on the eastern coast, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Diana grew up there and until three years ago, had spent most of her life there.

“I went to an American school. My father had attended University in Denver, and I guess they wanted us kids to be able to speak English from an early age. I started speaking English in Kindergarten, and apart from Spanish classes, all of my schooling was done in English,” Diana said. She is the oldest of three children, with two younger brothers. Diana told me that most of her closest friends are people she has known all of her life. “I’d say my ten closest friends I went to school with all my life. We speak almost everyday, and are always texting and messaging, or chatting on Facebook!”


The American School of Tampico is a franchise type system, and there are schools throughout Mexico. In Tampico the high school and university are housed in the same buildings. Diana attended the same school and university that her mother attended in Tampico.

“I studied Logistics in University. It was about import and export. I learned about shipping and freight handling,” she told me.

“There were two placements during the program as well. I spent a year in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam, which of course is a large port city and my second placement was here in Vancouver.”

While studying here in Vancouver, Diana met a man and started a relationship.

”I went back to Mexico to finish my studies. He came to Mexico and met my family, and then I came back to Vancouver to be with him,” Diana said.

I asked how her family felt about her making a longterm move to Canada.

“They weren’t so sure about it, but at least they had met my boyfriend. They just want what is best for me, and I wanted to come back to Vancouver, so it was ok,” she said.


Diana and her boyfriend dated for about a year before going their separate ways. She is working in her chosen field, in freight and shipping here in Vancouver.

“I like the job, but I’ve not really been one to stay at any one thing for too long. I’ve been doing the job I’m in now for almost three years. That’s the longest I’ve ever done the same thing. I like to be challenged and learn new and different things. Most of my friends here in Vancouver are from Mexico, and they are all convinced that they love Vancouver so much, they will never leave. I don’t feel the same way they do. But I don’t know where I’d go to next if I were to leave. Right now, I don’t have plans to move,” Diana says with a shrug of her shoulders.


In her down time, Diana likes to go to yoga classes, and is training for the upcoming Vancouver Sun Run.

“I also enjoy Ultimate discus, you know, with a disc like a frisbee?” she asks me. (*Fact Check - see link below).

“There are a number of teams that play, and there’s a league as well. I even played last fall, but it was so cold and muddy. I’m definitely more about playing in the summer, when it’s warmer and dryer. I’m not a huge fan of the rain.” #notastranger


*Fact Check -