Day 92 - John

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Day 92 - John  (1st person I approached)
April 02, 2014 - When I approached John and asked if he would talk to me, he looked at his watch and said he didn’t have much time, and asked how long I needed. I told him it might only take about five minutes, and with a great big smile, he agreed to chat. John comes from Toronto, born and raised.

“I was born and grew up in downtown Toronto. Went to school there as well. All of my schooling was in Toronto,” said John.

One elementary, one junior and then one senior high school.

“I have a number of friends that I’ve known pretty much all my life. I’d say my five closest friends I’ve known since Grade one,” but, he tells me,

”We’re guys, so we probably don’t know everything there is to know about each other. We keep secrets, I’m sure.”

John went to University studying Public Health. He tells me,

“It was more like a general arts degree program, but there was public health subjects. Drugs and addictions, medications and the chemicals in consumer products. How things like additives in our food system impact people. That kind of thing.” John graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. 


After graduating, John decided to travel to Vancouver. His older sister had moved here and he planned to come and visit for a month.

“About two days before making the trip, I cancelled the return portion of the ticket. I decided that with the Olympics coming up, (in 2010) that I’d stay in Vancouver for the games. There was so much going on, and it was a great experience. Then I decided to stay for another six months, and one thing lead to another and it went to another year and now I’m coming up on five years in Vancouver. I never went back to Toronto,” he said. 


John works for a large beer company as a sales rep.

“No two days are alike. I’m very much a people person, and really enjoy what I do. I’m not stuck in a cubicle and I get to meet a lot of different people in liquor stores, restaurants and businesses. It’s good,” says John.

In his spare time John plays on an ‘Urban Rec’ soccer team (*Fact Check - see link below).

“I’m not one to go to the gym, but I’ve always been involved in sports. I played on two different teams for a while, but the Urban Rec team is a lot more fun, not as regulated,” he said.


John is currently in a relationship, ironically with someone he knew in Toronto. He told me,

“She came to Vancouver and like me, decided to stay. We started dating and have been going out for about six months now.”

When I asked John what it was that kept him in Vancouver, he laughed and told me,

”I was living in Kitsilano and I like the beach, and the girls, so I decided to stay.” #notastranger

*Fact Check -