Day 111 - Harrison

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Day 111 - Harrison (1st person I approached)
April 21, 2014 - Harrison was born in Toronto, Ontario. At a young age, his family relocated to the small town of Port Perry, northeast of Toronto. He is the oldest of three boys.

“My parents already had me, my brother and another was on the way. They wanted to move out of the city, and live where we had more space. The property we moved to had at one time been a tree farm, so there was a forest in our backyard,” said Harrison.


Living in a rural environment, the brothers were close, and had circles of friends that overlapped.

“I did fairly well in school. It was great growing up in such a rural place. There are about nine or ten thousand people living in Port Perry, so you knew everyone, or had at least seen them around town,” he said. When Harrison was about to enter his final year of school, Grade 12, the family relocated.

“My father works in finance and currency exchange, so his company moved us to England. We lived in Walton-on-Thames, about 25km southwest of London. I went to a private school. You know, with a uniform and everything. That school kicked my ass for the first few months. I had to work hard to catch up with where the rest of my class were at. It meant a lot of nights staying up late and studying,” says Harrison.


Once he graduated, Harrison decided he had had enough of England and began applying to schools back in Canada.

“The first school I got accepted to was Emily Carr (College of Art and Design). The trouble with that though was there wasn’t any live-in accommodations. I got accepted to the University of British Columbia (UBC) and was able to live on campus for the first year,” Harrison said. He enrolled in the Visual Arts program.

“It’s a four year program, but I stretched it out and will graduate soon. I did it in five years. I lived on campus for the first year and then got a place with some friends from school. I’m interested in sculpture, photography and light. Using found items. During the summers I worked at placements for the program as well. Things like overseeing the organizing of the developing lab, and keeping things tidy. I also worked in a digital lab, helping students produce large format prints of their work. I was essentially a jack of all trades!” he said. 


Harrison is considering his next move.

“I’m thinking of maybe going into Architecture, or getting my Masters degree in Fine Arts. Teaching is definitely a possibility. I’m not sure at this point. I’d also love to take some time off and go travelling,” he said. Harrison’s parents are back in Port Perry, living on the old tree farm. Both of his brothers are now attending UBC.

“One of my brothers is in his third year of astro-physics. And my youngest brother is just completing his first year in forestry. We certainly run the gamut of interests!” #notastranger