Day 104 - Kevin

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Day 104 - Kevin (1st person I approached)
April 14, 2014 - Kevin was born and raised in Richmond, British Columbia. We talked a bit about how much Richmond has changed over the years. Remembering back to when Steveston Highway was just two lanes wide and had massive ditches on either side. Kevin’s house was the first one on a block that was surrounded with strawberry fields. Now it’s all houses, and no more fields. He is the middle child of three, with an older brother and younger sister. “Yeah, we’re a close family. We all get along pretty well,” he said.


Kevin went to elementary and high school in Richmond.

“I was in the first class to graduate from the high school I went to. It was a junior high that they rolled into a full high school. They added another grade every year, and I was in the first Grade 12 class to graduate,”  Kevin told me.

After high school, Kevin went to college for a year and a half to upgrade some classes.

“I realized in Grade 10 that I wasn’t going to get to go straight from high school into University. I did well in my classes and in school in general. I just didn’t have a language, which you need to go right into University. I took French in school, but I would sit in class, and listen and that was about it. I have a good memory, but if you don’t do the homework, then you’re not going to get far,” said Kevin.

Once he completed his college courses, Kevin went to Simon Fraser University (SFU). He studied business and economics. He told me

“It was a joint major. I took business because I wanted a job once I finished school. It was economics that interested me though. I also took other courses just to switch things up a bit. I mean, if I only did finance courses, it would have become fairly dull. So I took a history class, and a liberal arts class as well. I wanted to keep it interesting,” Kevin said. 


After graduating from SFU, Kevin got a job working in International Tax, a field that he’s still working in today. I joked with Kevin asking if he played a lot of golf, working in finance. He laughed and told me,

“You’d think so right? But I’ve only ever played golf with a client maybe three times in all these years. But, I did get my first job through playing golf. When I was still in school, there was an Alumni golf event. A couple of the Alumni couldn’t make it to the event and asked that their tickets be donated to students. I ended up golfing with a guy that day and through him, got my first job.”

In his spare time Kevin does play golf.

“I play hockey as well. I’ve played since back in high school. A bunch of guys I went to high school with. We have our own team and play in a recreational hockey league, every week,” he said.


I asked Kevin if he likes what he does for a living, working in International Taxation.

“Yeah, I do. I went through period of time where I wasn’t sure I had made the right decisions and choices. I was working with clients and was making a decent living. I mean, I wasn’t driving a fancy car or anything. But I just wasn’t sure about what I was doing. But now I’m working for a company as their tax guy, instead of working with my own clients. It’s much better in this situation,” he told me.

“Of course, you always wonder what would have happened if you took more risks. I have some friends who did that, took risks, and they’ve been wildly successful. And there are those who took risks and weren’t so successful. But we don't focus on the negative, just the positive. Unless of course, the fail was epic!” #notastranger